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BBC Radio interview Fuel Economy Tuning with Viezu.

Date Added: 19/04/2011

ecu remapping with the BBC and Viezu


BBC Radio interview Fuel Economy Tuning with Viezu.  BBC Radio Worcester is hot on the subject of fuel prices this week, and so choice to speak to us about our fuel economy tuning, saving motorist money on their fuel bill and making their vehicles more fuel efficient and improving their MPG. You can hear the full interview

Economy tuning and fuel saving is of course of great importance around the world, as the prices of fuel saw. Viezu has spent years developing our fuel economy tuning and economy ecu remapping, we are now without doubt market leaders in the arena of economy tuning and fuel saving tuning.

Most effective on Diesel vehicles, gains of 15% and upwards can be achieved, speed limiting and rev limiters can also be moved for even better results and improved fuel efficiency.  Viezu economy tuning is being taken up by both private motorists and companies alike, all keen to make their vehicles as fuel efficient as possible.   

Viezu offer ecu remapping and car tuning services worldwide, ecu tuning all makes and models of vehicle. Find your local Viezu car tuning dealer at www.viezu/dealer-map .For all Diesel Particulate Filter tuning requirements, DPF problem solving, see -Dpf removal, dpf deletion and issue solving. If you have any questions get in touch at

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