bFlash: The Ultimate ECU and TCU Programming Solution

Welcome to the Next Level of Vehicle Tuning with bFlash In the dynamic world of vehicle tuning, bFlash emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering an unparalleled suite of tools for ECU and TCU programming. Designed for both the ambitious beginner and the seasoned professional, bFlash delivers a comprehensive solution that transcends traditional tuning methods. With bFlash, you’re not just tuning; you’re redefining what’s possible in vehicle performance enhancement.

bFlash: A Symphony of Precision Hardware and Advanced Software At the heart of bFlash’s prowess is its cutting-edge hardware, complemented by sophisticated software that together unlock new horizons in vehicle tuning. Whether you’re aiming to enhance a personal vehicle or elevate your tuning business, bFlash offers the versatility, power, and precision you need.


Master and Slave Configurations: Tailored to Your Needs bFlash is available in both Master and Slave configurations, ensuring a perfect fit for your tuning requirements. Each option is designed to provide the utmost flexibility, allowing you to select the path that best aligns with your goals and expertise level.

The bFlash Slave Device: Your Gateway to Advanced Tuning The bFlash Slave Device is the ideal starting point for those new to tuning or looking to expand their services. It offers:

  • Direct reading and writing capabilities through the OBD diagnostic port or boot mode.
  • A user-friendly interface that guides you through the tuning process with step-by-step instructions.
  • Access to a vast database of vehicles, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.
  • A robust support system, including a 5-year warranty, comprehensive training, and round-the-clock technical assistance.

The bFlash Master Device: Unleashing the Full Potential For tuning veterans and those who demand the ultimate in customization and control, the bFlash Master Device stands ready to serve. It features:

  • The ability to handle file encryption/decryption in-house, offering unparalleled security and flexibility.
  • Advanced tuning capabilities, including real-time tuning and CAN Bus recording, for in-depth vehicle analysis and optimization.
  • A comprehensive suite of diagnostic tools, enabling you to diagnose and clear fault codes across a wide range of ECU and TCU models.
  • Regular software updates and access to exclusive tuning protocols, keeping you at the forefront of the tuning industry.

bFlash Features

bFlash: Control Unit Programming

Experience high-speed reading and writing of ECU and TCU via OBD, BENCH, and BOOT tuning methods.

bFlash enhances the tuning process with automatic checksum verification and correction, ensuring a smooth and error-free experience every time.


bLog: Data Logging Capabilities

bFlash elevates data logging with options ranging from basic SAE/OBDII to manufacturer-specific (KWP/UDS) and even advanced logging via user-provided A2L files.

This versatility allows for detailed analysis and fine-tuning of vehicle performance.


Real-Time Tuning

Real-time tuning with bFlash is designed with the expert tuner in mind, bFlash’s real-time tuning integrates seamlessly with the bFlash interface.

This allows for adjustments to be made via OBD on a previously patched ECU, and can be applied in BOOT, BENCH, or OBD.


Vehicle Diagnostics

Read and clear fault codes (also called DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Code) for a variety of ECU and TCU models.

bFlash’s diagnostic capabilities extend to both SAE/OBDII and manufacturer-specific modes (KWP/UDS), so you can tackle any issue with confidence.


CAN BUS Recording

Record and save OEM diagnostic tool communications during software updates with the CAN BUS Recording feature. This function is invaluable for troubleshooting, diagnostics, and repairs, offering a deeper understanding of vehicle systems


bView: Datalogging Review 

With bFlash, reviewing measurement data in MDF format is straightforward and efficient. The intuitive time slider and the ability to overlay and compare datasets simplify the analysis process, giving you actionable insights.


bDiag: Diagnostics – Dyno Mode

The Dyno Mode feature is designed to facilitate accurate power measurements on a test bench (Dynamometer), disabling features like ESP and ABS to prevent interference during testing. Ensuring reliable results for performance assessments.


bFlash: Unmatched Compatibility

bFlash’s approach to compatibility is unique, focusing on ECU and TCU lists rather than specific vehicle models. This ensures that tuners have access to the right protocols for a wide range of vehicles, enhancing the tool’s versatility and applicability.

Unbeatable bFlash Tool Prices

With unbeatable prices on new bFlash tuning tools, and massive savings for trade purchases, there’s no better place to buy your bFlash!

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bFlash Automotive Tuning Tool, the professional’s choice for advanced ECU and TCU reprogramming. Leveraging over a decade of automotive tuning experience, bFlash delivers unparalleled functionality, making it an indispensable asset for tuning experts. bFlash offers complete protocols across a targeted range of vehicles, enabling you to offer ECU and TCU tuning via OBD, Bench, and Boot connections with this stable and reliable tool for key vehicles including BMWs, VAG vehicles (including Simos 19 ECUs) and Flexray Jaguars. Available as a Master or Client tool, bFlash enables you to not just fulfil your customers’ needs but even take on your own R&D projects thanks to the extensive data provided by this tool.

How To Tune With bFlash

OBD Demonstration

Learn how to use bFlash tool from anywhere in the world by following our high-quality training videos.

When it comes to online bFlash training courses, the Viezu Technical Academy is very experienced.

Bench & Boot Demonstration

Learn how to use bFlash Bench & Boot Tuning from anywhere in the world by following our high-quality training videos.

When it comes to online training the Viezu Technical Academy is very experienced.

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