MK8 VW Golf R Tuning and Remapping

MK8 Golf R remap

MK8 Golf R Remap and tuning now available.

We have invested in a 2023 VW Golf R for our own development fleet. As such we have tested, and now introduced a number of superb products for this popular fast hatch. This also extends to an ECU remap engineered by our highly experienced technical team.

Combine our ECU remap with our physical upgrades to take your Golf R even further.

Keep reading to find out what has been achieved with our remap and tuning on our MK8 Golf R.

MK8 Golf R remap

Our MK8 Golf R Remap is now available. Developed by the expert teams at Viezu and Paramount Performance. Our professional workshop now offers a full range of VW Tuning and remapping services. These include both ECU software upgrades and physical upgrades.  We don’t just list our parts on our shop. We have invested in a 2023 MK8 Golf R development vehicle, which is being used to physically fit and test our range of products that are now available for this popular performance hatch.

Our ECU tune has been created by the technical team at Viezu, who have written in excess of 300,000 tunes in the last 15 plus years.

Our tune has been tested on the road, and on our highly advanced 3,000 horsepower 4 wheel drive dyno at our head office and workshop.

Our tuning solution for MK8 Golf R is installed through the OBD port. The map can be easily reversed and set back to standard any time you need – and there is no charge for that service either.

On an otherwise standard car, our ECU tune for VW MK8 Golf R will deliver in the region of an additional 80bhp and a huge 80Nm of torque. All of our remaps are designed to be smooth, progressive, reliable and safe.

What’s more our tunes are insurance backed, so you have complete peace of mind where Viezu tuning is concerned.  As an ISO 9001:2008 registered organisation, we track the quality of our work, complaints and issues.  This means that in the highly unlikely event you experience a concern directly attributed to one of our remaps, we have a robust, transparent and independent process to help.  Our insurance is independently underwritten and covers all the file writing and tuning services we provide. Ask our team for further details on our insurance backed tuning, or visit the following page.

When our tune is combined with our fantastic Carbon Fibre Cold Air Intake, and our Uprated Intercooler our development car achieved impressive power and performance, for a relatively low outlay, if you would like to know more, please get in touch.

With our stage 1+ package, consisting of ECU tune, cold air intake and uprated intercooler our development car achieved a seriously impressive 405 horsepower and 500 NM of torque, those are some pretty impressive numbers for a modern 4 cylinder 2.0 litre engine.

Dyno tuning and testing before and after is available at our fully equipped workshop, at B50 4JN.

Contact the team today to find out more about the MK8 VW Golf R ECU Remap. And ask about the stunning range of accessories, and carbon fibre parts also available for your Golf.

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We can also provide gearbox / transmission tuning for this vehicle, ask our team for further details.

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Golf R remap