Alientech KESS3

Alientech KESS3 – The next generation of tuning tools

The KESS3 is the latest ECU tuning tool from Alientech that replaces both the KESSv2 and K-TAG.

KESS3 gives you more control than its predecessors, KESSv2 and K-TAG, and can be upgraded without the need to spend money on new hardware. This new tool allows users to remap in a faster, easier way than ever before, with the ability to use both OBD or Bench Tuning methods from the same device.

The KESS 3 tool is the latest step in ECU tuning, which is faster and more powerful than its predecessors.

Alientech KESS 3 Hardware

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Alientech KESS 3 Hardware KESS3HW000

Alientech KESS 3 Hardware. The new kess3 tuning tools from Alientech. KESS 3 is an OBD and Bench tuning / Boot tuning and ECU remapping tool.

The super fast new KESS 3 is set to change the tuning and remapping industry. With superfast ECU remapping processing. As well as flexible options for software and protocols. It is certain to make the new Alientech Kess 3 tuning tool the market leader.

This item is the basic Alientech KESS 3 Hardware. The hardware is neither master nor slave by definition when new. The Alientech KESS 3 Hardware unit is self can be assigned either master tuning or slave tuning and remapping protocols.

So the first step is to purchase the KESS 3 hardware unit and then select the protocols from the shop to complete the activation of your tuning tool

Alientech Kess 3
Alientech Kess 3

What protocols are available for the Alientech KESS 3?

Once you have selected and purchased your KESS 3 unit. The next step is to select the protocols you want to activate. In other words, what vehicles do you want to offer remapping services on? You can choose from:

  • Bike, ATV, and UTV
  • Cars, vans and light commercials
  • Agricultural and Trucks
  • Marines and watercraft

The above protocols/tool activations are available both as master or slave versions.

Alientech Kess 3
Alientech Kess 3

OBD tuning or Boot / Bench tuning

As the KESS3 is available as either an OBD tuning tool, Bench tuning and remapping tool, or both. Each of the above KESS 3 protocol activations are available for either OBD, or Bench. Or, of course, select both options to be able to activate your tuning tool for both methods of tuning and remapping.

Who is VIEZU

VIEZU is the biggest seller of Alientech tuning systems in Europe! Dealing with trade and retail customers. And hence offering unbeatable prices. All Alientech tools, accessories tools and software are kept in stock.  All tool sales include installation, set up and training. Training can be completed in house at our dedicated training facilities. And online too. Full worldwide service, offering door to door shipping. Online tech support, and international TAX free sales.

Alientech ECM tuning software you can see this here

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You can learn more about the Alientech KESS 3 on the VIEZU website.

Kess 3 Training

And there are Free Kess 3 Training Videos here: 

Alientech KESS3 Hardware part number KESS3HW000



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KESS 3 Features

Fast Interface

The speed of the interface is faster than any previous Alientech program. Opening in ready to tune a vehicle in just a few seconds!

All In One Tool

The Kess3 contains all of your OBD / Bench and Boot tuning hardware in one simple to operate the device. There is no need for an additional tool, or plug in extra modules into the Kess3 to enable BOOT or BENCH tuning. Simply pick the cables you need and get tuning.


Protocols are sold separately, so there is no need to purchase packages you don’t want. And new protocols can be added at any time. So a Kess3 that is only OBD active, can have bench/boot protocols added straight away. Meaning you don’t miss out on work where new or different protocols are required.

Bench & Boot

Bench and Boot protocols are available to purchase individually. And by vehicle type for the first time. (Not sold by ECU manufacturer). Hence making the tool set up much more specific, and cost-effective to your requirements.

Light Speed

The brand new Kess3 takes advantage of some of the latest and greatest technology available to provide an incredibly fast reading and writing to both ECUs and TCUs, this means less time connected to the vehicle and means a faster turnaround remap you are carrying out.

Alientech Suite

The “Alientech Suite” program, which runs the Kess3, is an all-in-one program. No complex menus to navigate through. Select the vehicle you want to tune from the main home screen, select the method “OBD” / “bench – Service mode” / “Boot – Direct to ECU Circuit board”, then you can read and write.

Clear instructions

Clear instructions are now presented to you before you proceed to the reading/writing screen when using Kess3. This prevents you from missing vital instructions and keeps you fully updated with the knowledge to complete the tuning safely.

Quick Search Filters

Quick filters to find the vehicle. No need to follow the drop-down menus in a long-winded order. You can now fast travel to the options you want. Filter by ECU or TCU – DONE! Filter by fuel type – DONE! It’s the easiest and simplest tuning interface in the marketplace.

Built For The Real World

The new Kess3 has a protective rubberised layer around the outer edge of the tool to absorb shocks and bumps when its being used in real environments such as garages and “in the field” mobile tuning. Complete with none slip feet for added safety when working on a vehicle.

Upgraded Cable Set

The new Kess3 cable set is so easy to use and comes with all the additional GPT style cables in the same simple to use plug and loom as the main power/earth, CAN high / CAN low and kline loom.

Warp Speed Checksum Calculations

No more waiting around endlessly for checksums to calculate. The new processing power of the Kess3 crunches the data faster than any tool that came before it.

KESS 3 Logo

Here are the 6 top highlights…

1. You no longer need separate tools for OBD and Bench Tuning.  With the new KESS3, this is now a combined feature.

2. Greater choice and granularity with new Protocols Packs:

– Car – LCV

– Bike – ATV & UTV

– Agriculture – Truck & Buses

– Marine & PWC

3. Lightning quick reads and writes with advanced processing speeds, means  Warp speed checksum calculations.

4. KESS V2 Cables are transferable – no need to  buy new cable sets

5. Bench and Boot protocols are now available to purchase individually

6. Service mode – greater coverage; no need to open the ECU to perform bench tuning anymore on a greater selection of ECU types

How does the KESS3 compare?


KESSv2 Tuning Tool

✔️ OBD Tuning

❌ Bench/Boot Tuning

❌ Upgradable from Slave to Master

❌ Separate Car & Bike Protocols

Uses K-Suite

Standard Cable Set

Standard Speed Checksum Calculations


❌ OBD Tuning

✔️ Bench/Boot Tuning

❌ Upgradable from Slave to Master

❌ Separate Car & Bike Protocols

Uses K-Suite

Standard Cable Set

Standard Speed Checksum Calculations


✔️ OBD Tuning

✔️ Bench/Boot Tuning

✔️ Upgradable from Slave to Master

✔️ Separate Car & Bike Protocols

✔️ Works with some existing KESSv2 cables

⭐ Uses Alientech Suite

⭐ Upgraded Cable Set

⭐ Superfast Checksum Calculations

⭐ 10x Faster Processing


All in One.
OBD, Bench and Boot mode.

The KESS3 tool combines three modes of operation. The first is OBD, the second is Bench, and the third is Boot.

Select the settings that fit your work requirements. KESS3 gives you the best remapping experience no matter your level and experience.

Alientech Kess3

Renewed architecture

KESS3’s design is targeted at achieving performance, operational flexibility, and user-friendliness.

Each component of its architecture is made to perform at its maximum potential.

Kess3 American

Innovative Design

KESS3 case design is completely new.

Researchers at Alientech have incorporated the best usable materials to provide added value.


Alientech Suite

A new hardware platform so powerful inspired Alientech to design software that could take full advantage of its potential.

A completely redesigned software solution is now available.

HUGE SAVINGS if you trade in your Old Alientech tools

If you’re an existing KESS or K-TAG customer, you might be wondering what to do, especially if you’ve just renewed your subscriptions.


Existing Alientech customers are eligible for discounts of up to 95% by trading in their old KESSv2 and/or K-TAG.

Once you let us know what subscriptions you already have and the subscriptions you would like to have, we’ll be able to discover your exact discount. During the launch period, the discounts will be the highest, so there is no better time to upgrade to the all new KESS3!

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Alientech Suite VZ Logo

The Alientech Suite is a streamlined, purpose-built interface for tuners using the KESS3. Taking all the technical know-how, tuners requirements and world-leading tuning tool development, the Alientech Suite delivers the most efficient and easy to use tuning platform on the market today. Alientech Suite combines the three essential methods of vehicle tuning in one software program;

  • OBD – Connecting the vehicles on-board diagnostic port
  • BENCH – Connecting directly to the CU (Control unit) connector plugs without the need to open the ECU itself
  • BOOT – Direct connection to the  CU (Control unit) circuit board through a variety of connection methods.

Combining the 3 tuning methods into one easy to navigate software program that is open and ready to use in a matter of moments, provides all professional tuners with the efficiency and stability to tune vehicle control units with complete confidence.

Always up-to-date manuals – With the Alientech Suite, you will always have access to the latest manuals for the active protocols you are using. With the unique method of downloading the protocol you are about to use each time, the Alientech Suite provides you with not only the latest updated version of the protocol but the correct and up-to-date instruction manuals for the active protocol. Further adding to the peace of mind that the Alientech Suite is there to help you as you tune each and every vehicle you work on.

Alientech Suite kess 3
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Learn How To Tune With The KESS3

VIEZU Technical Academy | Alientech KESS3 Training

OBD Training

Learn how to use Alientech KESS3 tool from anywhere in the world by following our high-quality training videos.

When it comes to online KESS training courses, the Viezu Technical Academy is very experienced.

Bench Training

Learn how to use Alientech KESS3 Bench Tuning from anywhere in the world by following our high-quality training videos.

When it comes to online Alientech training the Viezu Technical Academy is very experienced.

Boot Training

Learn how to use Alientech KESS3 Boot Tuning from anywhere in the world by following our high-quality training videos.

When it comes to online Alientech training the Viezu Technical Academy is very experienced.

ECM Training

You can learn Alientech ECM Titanium from any location with the help of our high-quality video tutorials.

We at Viezu Technical Academy have extensive experience with online training programs for ECM Titanium software.

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