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Upgrade the sound of your car

The ARMYTRIX philosophy means arming the vehicle with the most advanced exhaust system technology that will challenge everything you thought you knew about performance driving.

Their valvetronic exhaust systems deliver unparalleled power, superior sound, and true versatility by adhering to the creed of obtaining the most power, maximum sound, and greatest versatility. All fostered by a culture of innovation and perseverance.

ARMYTRIX is not just a performance exhaust, it is an unforgettable experience.

Enhance the looks of your car

Armytrix’s polished stainless steel exhaust kits, not only function as performance exhausts and drastically improve the sound of your car, but they look outstanding.  The polished tips compliment the look of any car or bike while also providing the truly aggressive appearance that is the trademark of a Armytrix upgrade.

Fast Delivery From The UK

As the official distributor for Armytrix, VIEZU can ship to you or we can fit it right here in our workshop.  So it has never been easier to get the highest quality after market exhaust kit for your car!

Huge Range Available

As one of the industry’s best performance exhaust manufacturers, there are exhaust kits available for a huge range of cars and bike, so whatever you’re driving/riding, there’s almost certainly an Armytrix exhaust kit for you.

Fits Right First Time!

Every Armytrix exhaust kit is specially designed to precisely into a huge range of vehicles, without the need to make time-consuming adjustments.  Each exhaust kit is researched and developed to precisely fit in place of the factory exhaust system with the same mounting points, meaning that a brand new system can be fitted to your car quickly and efficiently, getting you back on the road sooner.

engine remapping - Volkswagen Golf R Remap and Dyno
engine reampping - mini cooper S - engine remap & dyno

Armytrix Exhausts | High Quality

Highest Quality Exhausts – Valvetronic Technology – Lifetime Corrosion Warranty for peace of mind

As the hallmarks of a great exhaust are performance and longevity, Armytrix fully acknowledges the importance of precise design and fine craftsmanship in striving to meet this high standard while ensuring that its exhausts meet these standards throughout their lifespan. The advancement of exhaust technology is what made Armytrix the leader in the field of exhaust systems through a culmination of years of engineering experience.

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