Stage X Vehicle Tuning Software

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Stage X: The latest generation map editing software from Magic Motorsport

Key Features:

  • Complete Mappacks: Work with detailed mappacks, easily searchable and identified by our perceptive algorithm, providing a clear understanding of your project scope.
  • Effortless DTC Removal: Quickly remove Diagnostic Trouble Codes with a few clicks, thanks to StageX’s automatic identification and solution process.
  • AI-Powered Solutions: Leverage the power of AI to apply solutions across supported control units with ease, enhancing your efficiency and expanding your capabilities.
  • Stagex Academy: Gain access to an ever-growing knowledge base, learning how to tackle common tuner tasks, utilize Stage features, and receive valuable tips from experts.
  • Intuitive File Editor: Benefit from a modern file editor designed for the tuning professional—complete with shortcuts, hex & 2D&3D editing, and additional assisting tools for a seamless experience.
  • Best-in-Class Support: Receive live support from our experts, ensuring you have the guidance needed to navigate any tuning challenge, alongside continuous feature development and expanded control unit support.

Designed for Tuners, By Tuners: Whether you’re starting your tuning journey or looking to elevate your existing skills, StageX offers a tailored solution that grows with you. Its cloud-based nature ensures that you can start your work on one device and seamlessly transition to another, maintaining productivity and focus.

AI Mappacks & DTC Removal: StageX revolutionizes the way tuners interact with mappacks and DTCs, providing a streamlined, efficient approach to vehicle recalibration. Build your database of solutions for future projects and apply AI-powered fixes with just a click.

Accessibility Redefined: Work from anywhere without the hassle of software installations or setups. StageX’s browser-based software supports any device, ensuring your projects are always at your fingertips, saved securely in the cloud.

Simplicity Meets Advanced Functionality: StageX simplifies the tuning process without compromising on the depth of features. From descriptive mappacks to automated editing options, StageX empowers tuners to achieve precision and excellence in every project.

Upgrade to StageX Today:
Step into the future of vehicle tuning with StageX. Experience the power of a comprehensive, cloud-based tuning software that brings efficiency, innovation, and support directly to your fingertips. Optimize your tuning process, enhance vehicle performance, and join the community of professionals who choose StageX for a smarter, faster tuning experience.

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