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bFlash Automotive Tuning Tool, the professional’s choice for advanced ECU and TCU reprogramming. Leveraging over a decade of automotive tuning experience, bFlash delivers unparalleled functionality, making it an indispensable asset for tuning experts. bFlash offers complete protocols across a targeted range of vehicles, enabling you to offer ECU and TCU tuning via OBD, Bench, and Boot connections with this stable and reliable tool for key vehicles including BMWs, VAG vehicles (including Simos 19 ECUs) and Flexray Jaguars. Available as a Master or Client tool, bFlash enables you to not just fulfil your customers’ needs but even take on your own R&D projects thanks to the extensive data provided by this tool.

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Why bFlash is a Game-Changer:

  • Comprehensive Control Unit Programming: Offering high-speed and secure ECU and TCU reprogramming across OBD, BENCH, and BOOT methods, bFlash ensures optimal performance and efficiency for your vehicle.
  • Advanced Datalogging: With support for SAE/OBDII, manufacturer-specific KWP/UDS protocols, and custom bFlash patches, our tool provides deep insights into your vehicle’s operation, enabling precise tuning adjustments.
  • Real-Time Tuning: Modify performance parameters in real-time through a diagnostic socket for immediate results. Our proprietary patch facilitates seamless integration and high-frequency data acquisition.
  • Diagnostics & Fault Code Management: Quickly read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) for various control units, maintaining the health and performance of your vehicle.

Unique Features for Enhanced Tuning:

  • CAN BUS Recording: Capture and analyze OEM diagnostic communications during software updates—a critical tool for advanced diagnostics and custom tuning projects.
  • Dyno Mode for Accurate Power Measurement: Specifically designed to disable critical systems like ESP and ABS during dynamometer testing, ensuring accurate vehicle power assessments.
  • Intuitive Datalogging Review: Evaluate and compare measurement data with ease using our sophisticated analysis tools, streamlining your tuning workflow.

Invest in bFlash Today:
Make the bFlash Automotive Tuning Tool your go-to for all tuning projects. With its cutting-edge features and user-friendly design, bFlash stands out as the ultimate tool for unlocking the true potential of your vehicle. Join the ranks of professional tuners who choose bFlash for its precision, versatility, and reliability.

BFLASH tool is Equipped with the same Processor as recent Bosch MDG1 ECU, it ensures compatibility with the future communication standards like Flexray as well as the best reading and writing speeds.

Key components :
Processor NXP MPC5777
3 individual cores @160 mhz coming from the quoriva family: CAN-Bus, Flexray, DoIP, K-Line & more

Flexray: Dual TJA1080
A/B channel @ 10 mbit/s, with bus cold start ability.
DoIP: DP83848C PHY
Up to gigabit ethernet with integrated 1:1 magnetics
CAN Bus: Dual TJA1051
Able to communicate simultaneously on 2 bus.
JTAG Buffers
Logic shifter with active bus protection and automatic 3.3/5V power supply switch. Up to 25 mhz JTAG!
Native windows driver for ease of installation.


BFLASH reads the full files with Bench and Boot (incl. internal/external flash, EEPROM, etc.) allowing advanced modifications or cloning.

Tools are fully enabled :


– Car/LCV + Bike/ATV/UTV

– OBD, Bench, Boot

BFLASH is also a reliable provider of World firsts :

Porsche Siemens SDI21
Renault Temic XPS6.G3
PSA Delphi DCM7.1 TC297
PSA Valeo VD56 TC297
Mclaren Bosch ME17.8.3x
BMW  DKG436.g2
Indian Bosch MG1CA007
GM AcDelco T87a
Harley Davidson Delphi CAN2021
Ford/Renault Bosch MG1/MD1 TC399
Porsche Bosch PDK2-TC40x
Alpine/Renault Getrag 7DCT300
Mercedes Bosch MD1 / MG1
Porsche / Bentley ZF PDK2-TC40x
VAG Siemens Simos19.6 / Simos19.3
Renault Hitachi BED506
Isuzu Bosch EDC17C83


BFLASH requires an active subscription to work but there is no additional cost for updates.

BFLASH supports Back to Stock on a range of ECU

BFLASH comes with advanced features for professional tuners :

  • Best datalogger on the market :
    • including prebuilt OEM loggers
    • Possiblity to superimpose runs to compare reactions of the vehicle
    • possibility to save 24h loggers (for example during racing)
  • Advanced diag functionality
    • Read/Clear DTC
    • 1 click dyno-mode on supported platforms
  • Live tuning capabilities (for the most advanced users)
    • Requires an A2L/Damos from the customer
    • Allows to make instant modification while the car is running
  • CAN Monitoring (with supplied Y splitter)


BFLASH can be Slave or Master, and is upgradable.

BFLASH does automatic checksum calculation.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 15 cm
Activation Type

Master, Slave


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