KESS3 Subscription Renewal

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Alientech Kess3 Subscription Renewal

Renew for 6 or 12 months

*If your subscription is more than 60days out of subscription please contact our dealer team to reactivate your subscription at or by calling +441789774444

One of the advantages of a slave tuning tool is that ready-to-use tuning files with backup and support are available. Alientech Kess3 slave tuning files will be provided by a master tuning file provider. Typically, VIEZU provides these files. The technical support team is ready to assist you. Tuning support from Viezu will include ECU remapping and tuning files, training and support for your business. Viezu tuning files are fast, reliable, and custom.

Alientech Kess3 Dealer tuning service and support

The Kess3 Slave Tuning Tool has file support from VIEZU. We offer free training and support seven days a week. Quality files backed by insurance. Find out more about VIEZU dealer support here: Become a dealer

In addition, if you have a tuning file provider, this is fine as well. Simply purchase your new kess3 tuning tool from the VIEZU shop as well.  There is no commitment if you do not want to be part of the VIEZU dealer network. Just purchase Kess 3 hardware and add the protocols you want.  Please let us know which master tuner you would like to use, and we’ll do the rest.

Alientech Kess 3 hardware can be purchased here if you still require it  

KESS3 Master

Master tuning tools are usually for those who wish to purchase tuning and remapping files from a number of tuning file providers. As well as tuners who wish to write their own tuning software.

Tuning and Remapping support service

If you are unsure is you require master or slave level protocols. Or if you need any help configuring your Alientech Kess 3 the technical support team is on hand to help and advise. Therefore if you have not already purchased your Alientech Kess3 hardware unit you can see this here:

And  if you are a master operator, and still require your Alientech ECM tuning software you can see this here: 

And ECM training courses, for custom tuning files and ECU remapping files, are available here at the VIEZU Technical academy, where you can find a range of training courses for both Diesel and Petrol / Gasoline tuning.

Who is VIEZU

VIEZU is the biggest seller of Alientech tuning systems in Europe! Therefore the service is open to trade and retail customers alike. As well as offering unbeatable prices. All Alientech tools, accessories tools and software are kept in stock.  In addition, all tool sales include installation, set up and training. Training is available in house at our dedicated training facilities. And online too.

Training and support are available 7 days a week. International and tax-free sales are available. With worldwide door to door delivery.

Alientech Kess 3 Training

And there are Free Kess 3 Training Videos here: 

Who is VIEZU

You may like to know VIEZU is the largest Alientech retailer of tuning training courses and tuning systems. Thus, all customers can use the service—trade and retail. In addition to providing great service, we also believe our trade prices are unbeatable. We have the latest Alientech tuning tools, software, and accessories ready for immediate use. We also provide free installation, set up, and support with all our hardware sales. Our training centre provides in-house training. Online training is also available.

Training and support are available 7 days a week. International and tax-free sales are available. With worldwide delivery.

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