Autotuner – The All-In-One ECU and TCU Tuning Solution

Whether you are managing a large network of dealers or running a single independent shop, it doesn’t matter. This has been designed by professional tuners for (future) tuners. With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface Autotuner is the perfect tool for professional vehicle tuning. It’s compatible with a wide range of vehicles and includes built-in data logging capabilities, allowing you to make changes to your customer’s vehicle with just a few clicks. It supports a variety of tuning methods, including Bench, Boot, and OBD tuning, making it a versatile choice for experienced tuners.

Best of all Autotuner doesn’t even require an ongoing paid subscription, making it a cost-effective option for professionals. Upgrade your tuning services with Autotuner, the ultimate solution for professional vehicle tuning.

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Autotuner Features


Autotuner Tool

In your Autotuner case, your tool and its features are ready to go and are simply waiting on you to read their first ECU!


Autotuner & Box

Autotuner is already compatible with hundreds of units and thousands of vehicles. Does it end there? Not with us. We regularly offer new exclusive protocols

Data Logging

Autotuner OBD Cable

You can’t tune an engine without getting feedback on the modifications you just made. The information obtained during data logging is vital in order to adjust the modified file as well as possible.

Latest Generation Components

Autotuner Boot tuning

The Autotuner brings together the latest state-of-the-art technologies for effective communication with the ECU, ultra-fast reading of memory contents (internal or external flash and EEPROM) and automatic online backup of the TriCore password.

Online & Always Up-To-Date

Autotuner in car

You need to be connected to the Internet to use Autotuner. Why? So you can always enjoy the latest versions of protocols and functionalities, as soon as you launch the software.

Master & Slave Versions

Autotuner tool in box

Autotuner is available in master and slave versions, so no matter what file provider you use, or how you use it, there is an autotuner version for you.

Autotuner Chip

Top 6 Autotuner highlights…


1. It’s one of the fastest tuning tools on the market for reading and writing to vehicles.

2. With Datalogging with online playback supported for a wide range of vehicles

3. Diagnostic capabilities on many vehicles allows for quick and easy health checks before and after tuning.

4. Autotuner supports both Engine and Transmission control units on many brands of vehicles.

5. The tool requires no subscriptions, with all updates free for life

6. Bench, Boot, and OBD tuning all from one tool.

Autotuner & Box


Autotuner is capable of reading data from most modern ECUs and microcontrollers.

Autotuner Boot tuning


During the writing process, the tool automatically corrects the checksum. You don’t have to calculate the Checksum yourself.


Do you want to start from a sound and up-to-date base? The “back to stock” function can be used to restore the vehicle to its original state.

ECU connected to Autotuner


Autotuner has an easy-to-use datalogging feature. The relevant data for each supported ECU is pre-selected based on the parameters specific to the vehicle and manufacturer.

Autotuner Tool


With the OBD-II socket, diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) of any manufacturer can be read and deleted.

How does the Autotuner compare?


Autotuner tool

⭐ OBD Tuning

⭐ Bench/Boot Tuning

⭐ Upgradable from Slave to Master

⭐ No Subscription Required

⭐ ECU & TCU Tuning

⭐ Free Updates

⭐ Automatic Checksum Calculations

⭐ Datalogging with online playback


⭐ OBD Tuning

⭐ Bench/Boot Tuning

⭐ Upgradable from Slave to Master

⭐ Annual Subscription Fees 

⭐ Separate Car & Bike Protocols

⭐ Updates In Subscription Only

⭐ Fast Checksum Calculations


Unbeatable Autotuner Tool Prices

With unbeatable prices on new Autotuner tuning tools, and massive savings for trade purchases, there’s no better place to buy your Autotuner!

Tax Free International Sales available & and low import duty

There really is no better time to upgrade to the new Autotuner

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Learn How To Tune With The Autotuner

VIEZU Technical Academy | Autotuner Training

Bench Training

Learn how to use Autotuner Bench Tuning from anywhere in the world by following our high-quality training videos.

When it comes to online training the Viezu Technical Academy is very experienced.

Boot Training

Learn how to use Autotuner Boot Tuning from anywhere in the world by following our high-quality training videos.

When it comes to online training the Viezu Technical Academy is very experienced.

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