Jaguar – Supercharger Cooler

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Jaguar – Supercharger Cooler

Jaguar Supercharger Cooler, super cool your Jaguar Supercharger and intake temperatures for more performance and stable running even on tuned vehicles. And in hot conditions.

This supercharger Cooler is hand made to very high high-quality standards. The Jaguar Supercharger Cooler is 30% larger than stock. And as such, offers considerably increased coolant cooling capability. Hence, decreasing you supercharger temperatures, creating greater air density in the intake chamber. And, combustion chamber, boosting performance and power delivery.

The supercharger cooler is a good upgrade on any car when running in warm climates. However, on tuned vehicles, especially those that have had supercharger upgrades and supercharger pulley fitted to them The upgrade charger cooler is really highly recommended. VIEZU does not run Jaguars with both pulley upgrades without the larger upgraded cooler fitted. It’s a must-have if you are running 600bhp or more.

The Jaguar charge cooler is available for the V8 and V6 engines. The charge coolers are handmade in the UK. They are usually in stock ready to ship. VIEZU also offer a full fitting service. If you require fitting, please mail the Service team at And they will be happy to arrange a fully fitted price for you.

Worldwide mail order is available and so international sales welcome. Sales outside of the UK are VAT free. And, if your charge cooler is part of a bigger performance upgrade project. Ask the team about VIEZU custom dyno tuning. Or if you can’t get into the VIEZU workshop. The VIEZU V-switch home tuning tool, So you can tune your Jaguar anywhere, any time.

You can see more on VIEZU’s Jaguar Supercharger Cooler and Jaguar tuning here : Jaguar Tuning Specialists 

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