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What is an ECU Remap?

ECU remapping also referred to as chip tuning, entails altering a vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) to improve performance, gain more power, and improve efficiency.

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Stages of Remapping

The different stages of remapping don’t actually exist as a service/upgrade you can just purchase they are just terms that have been used to group a wide variety of modifications together. Generally used groupings of different remaps are as follows:

Stage 1 Remap

A Stage 1 remap is the foundation stage where the basic settings of the engine are tweaked using ECU software to improve its efficiency. This is like giving the car a basic tune-up to make it run smoother and more efficiently.

Stage 2 Remap

Stage 2 is the point where more detailed adjustments are made with hardware upgrades, fine-tuning the engine to significantly improve performance whilst keeping it safe and reliable. It’s about finding that sweet spot where the car gives a powerful performance without overstraining the engine.

Stage 3 Remap

The Stage 3 Remap is where the engine is optimised to its fullest potential, involving lots of hardware upgrades gaining maximum power and the most efficiency possible. This stage is for those looking to get the most potential power out of their vehicle, pushing it to its highest limits while maintaining safety and reliability. It’s the stage where the car becomes the best version of itself, offering unparalleled performance and a truly exhilarating driving experience.

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What Does a Stage 2 Remap Involve?

A stage 2 engine remap involves fine-tuning the Engine Control Unit (ECU) alongside necessary hardware upgrades to enhance the vehicle’s performance. Our aim as a professional tuning company carrying out this process is to increase the vehicle’s horsepower, torque, and overall driving experience while maintaining safety and reliability. It is a tailored approach that considers the individual characteristics of the vehicle to achieve optimal results.

What Are The Stage 2 Remap Hardware Requirements?

To carry out a stage 2 remap, which is a more advanced level of engine tuning, certain hardware upgrades and requirements are essential to ensure the vehicle can handle the increased power and performance levels safely and efficiently. The most common hardware upgrades for a stage 2 remap include:

High-Flow Air Filter

Generally, the hardware prerequisites include a high-flow air filter to enhance the engine’s breathing. By optimising the airflow to the engine, you get a better air-fuel mixture, which can lead to a more efficient combustion process. This, in turn, can result in a noticeable increase in horsepower and torque, giving the vehicle a slight edge in performance whilst also potentially improving fuel economy and efficiency.

Intercooler Upgrade

Depending on the specific vehicle and its existing setup, it might also require upgraded intercoolers to maintain optimal temperatures. When you remap an engine to increase its performance, the turbocharger often works at a higher pressure, generating more heat. The existing intercooler might not be sufficient to cool this increased volume of hot air to the optimal temperature. An upgraded intercooler can handle this higher level of heat, maintaining the right temperature balance and ensuring that the engine receives cool, dense air for combustion.

Exhaust System Upgrade

A more advanced exhaust system facilitates a smoother and more efficient exit route for the exhaust gases that are produced during the combustion process. This is achieved through a larger diameter of the exhaust pipes and a more streamlined design, which reduces the back pressure and allows the gases to flow out more freely, reducing the strain on the engine. By allowing the engine to expel exhaust gases more efficiently, it creates a better air-fuel mixture, which is vital for achieving optimal combustion and, consequently, better performance and fuel economy.

Exact requirements can vary between cars, so it is always best to consult with a professional car remapping service such as the one we offer here at Viezu to determine the hardware upgrades necessary for your vehicle. It is an intricate process where each change is tailored to harmonise with the vehicle’s existing systems, ensuring a seamless upgrade that elevates performance while maintaining safety and reliability.

What are the Expected Performance Gains from a Stage 2 Remap?

The expected performance gains from a stage 2 remap can be substantial, but they depend on the specific make and model of the vehicle, as well as the quality of the hardware upgrades installed. Generally speaking, you can anticipate the following enhancements:

Increased Horsepower and Torque

A stage 2 remap often unlocks a significant boost in both horsepower and torque, offering a more responsive and powerful engine. It is not uncommon to see power gains anywhere from 20-50 BHP (Brake Horse Power) or even more, depending on the vehicle’s initial performance metrics.

Enhanced Throttle Response

The throttle response becomes more immediate and crisp, providing a more connected and engaging driving experience where the vehicle responds swiftly to the driver’s inputs.

Improved Fuel Economy

While the primary focus is on augmenting performance, a well-executed stage 2 remap can potentially lead to much-improved fuel efficiency, especially during highway cruising, as the engine can operate more efficiently with the upgraded components.

Better Over-Rev

The engine can rev higher and more freely, offering a broader power band and enhancing the vehicle’s performance during overtaking and high-speed driving.

Optimised Air-Fuel Ratio

With a more advanced air intake and exhaust system, the engine can achieve an optimal air-fuel mixture, facilitating a more efficient combustion process and unlocking additional performance gains.

Sportier Exhaust Note

Upgrading the exhaust system not only aids performance but can also give the vehicle a more robust and sportier exhaust note, adding to the exhilaration of driving.

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How Much Does A Stage 2 Remap Cost?

The cost of a stage 2 remap can vary considerably based on a range of factors including the make and model of the vehicle, the specific hardware upgrades involved, and the expertise of the professionals undertaking the remap. Generally, you can expect the pricing to start from around £600 and it can go upwards to £2000 or more in the UK. It is essential to note that besides the remapping service, you are investing in high-quality hardware components, which significantly influence the total cost.

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Can You Go Straight to Stage 2 Remaps?

Yes, you can go straight for a stage 2 remap or whichever stage of remapping you prefer. It is essential, however, to bear in mind that most cases of higher stages of remapping necessitate corresponding hardware modifications to ensure the vehicle can safely and efficiently handle the increased performance levels.

For instance, opting for a stage 2 remap directly would mean that stock hardware in your vehicle should be equipped with upgrades such as the ones listed above, among other modifications to support the changes made during the remapping process.

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Where to Get a Stage 2 Remap Done?

If you’re looking to remap the engine of your car then it’s important to choose a trusted and experienced garage. Here at Viezu we are remapping and tuning specialists. We are one of the leading providers of engine tuning services in the UK, bringing to the table over two decades of industry experience and a record of remapping over 100,000 cars for our customers.

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