Autotuner Hardware Only

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Autotuner Hardware Tool Only

Autotuner Hardware for tuning and ECU Remapping. The Autotuner tuning and remapping tool is available both as a master and a slave version. This unit / shop item is the hardware, it is not activated in this state. And therefore, it can be either a slave or a master version. It simply depends on which activation protocols you choose when you activate it for the first time.

The Autotuner hardware tool only shop item is useful way to purchase your new tool for a number of reasons. Including, tuners who wish to purchase the tool now, but may not need to use it straight away. With the hardware only option, you can keep the unit ready until you need it.  The hardware-only option is also very attractive to resellers, who want to keep the Autotuner units in stock and ready to sell on to their dealers and customers. But without the expense of having a fully active unit in stock on the shelf. Simply pay for the hardware. And only have the cost of the software protocols once you are ready to sell on and activate the protocol packages.

And finally, the Autotuner hardware without activation, is especially useful for international sales and customers. Buy the hardware at the much lower cost over a fully active unit. VIEZU will arrange the international shipping at the correct hardware only price. And you only choose to activate your Autotuner tuning and remapping tool once it is safely through shipping and local customs. Correctly reducing you import duty, shipping and any associated insurance costs

The Autotuner system has a 5 year warranty, it comes with free training sessions, installation and support. Live tech support and file service is open 7 days a week if required

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 15 cm