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Diesel Tuning Boxes

The Viezu Diesel Tuning Box Product Range: The Only Real ECU Remap Alternative

Viezu offers an unequaled range of diesel tuning chips and diesel engine management products – many customers choose our ECU remapping and remapping software to be installed in their car’s original ECU. Viezu also has an unprecedented range of chip tuning boxes. Whilst most ECU remapping and tuning providers offer one diesel tuning solution or another, (i.e. a plug and play diesel tuning box or a remap, here at Viezu we offer a wide range of solutions and give you the freedom of choice, depending on the driving experience you are looking for.

We know we offer the very best in tuning and diesel remap ECU software, but we also know sometimes a diesel ECU remap may not be right for the customer’s needs, so we also offer the great range of Viezu V-Boxes – diesel tuning boxes for when a remap may not be the right option.

Man in van on dyno for fuel economy remap

The Viezu V-Boxes are the most advanced in the market. They are fully programmable and actually hold an ECU remap on the diesel tuning box itself so it works just like a full ECU remap, just without programming the vehicle’s own ECU. This means the Viezu V-Box delivers amazing results for both cars and vans, and just like ECU remapping software, we can tune our chip tuning boxes for power, performance, fuel economy, or a perfect blend.

Buy, Test, Decide With Confidence

Like all of our diesel tuning chip services, the Viezu V-Box comes with our unique 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not delighted for any reason at all simply return your V-box for a full refund within 30 days!

You're Not Alone

Some of the largest fleet operators in Europe use and install our diesel tuning boxes – why?

Viezu V-Box Diesel Tuning Box Advantages

  • Quick installation – typically 10 minutes
  • Better acceleration giving a smoother response just when you need it
  • Fuel consumption can be improved by up to 15%
  • V-BOX improves power and torque making your vehicle feel far easier and more rewarding to drive
  • Can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle (subject to conditions)
  • Less intrusive – no need to change the vehicle’s original set up
  • Amazing coverage, almost all diesel vehicles covered
  • International shipping and home installation

Petrol And Gasoline Boxes

The Viezu Petrol Box Product Range: The Only Real Ecu Remap Alternative

In the past, plug-and-play diesel tuning chips have been predominantly about diesel vehicles, but Viezu brings you the V-Box petrol/gasoline box – the very highest quality petrol boxes available. Plug and play tuning boxes for petrol/gasoline engines – vehicle coverage is very strong with high performance, and previously seen as ‘un-tuneable’ engines and vehicles, now covered with our gasoline/petrol tuning boxes.

Our gasoline boxes offer applications for a huge range of tuning for petrol/gasoline vehicles. Our tuning boxes are programmable and can be used to significantly improve your vehicle’s driving characteristics, performance, and power.

All Viezu gasoline V-Boxes are plug-and-play – we install and set the ECU remap on to the device for you so there is no soldering, cutting, or complicated fitting instructions like some petrol/gasoline tuning boxes. Our diesel tuning chip boxes are simply plugins so home installation is easy very easy – we can ship your petrol/gasoline tuning box to you wherever you are in the world.

Viezu's Petrol V-Box Advantages

  • Quick installation – typically 10 minutes
  • Better acceleration giving a smoother response just when you need it
  • V-BOX improves power and torque making your vehicle feel far easier and more rewarding to drive
  • Can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle (subject to conditions)
  • Less intrusive – no need to change the vehicle’s original setup
  • Amazing coverage tunes many vehicles that can’t be tuned in any other way eg. Mercedes A45 AMG and many more
  • International shipping and home installation

Need to tow something? The improved pulling power given by V-Box will be invaluable.

If you are towing or operating a loaded working vehicle the improved pulling power and torque available from your Viezu V-Box will be invaluable. Our V-Box and petrol/gasoline tuning boxes are simple to fit, and yet have a huge application availability and offer a great flexible tuning solution.

Installation is easy as the programme is already installed by us, meaning it’s a simple plug-and-play fitment once with the vehicle, and your vehicle can be returned to its stock standard-setting by simply unplugging it – normally a 5-minute operation. Viezu’s boxes are available mail order and can be installed with no need to take the vehicle to a service center or garage; unless of course, you want to visit one of Viezu’s approved dealers who will be happy to help and carry out the installation for you. V-Box – the tuning solution you have been looking for. Whether you own a commercial van, 4×4, taxi, or working vehicle; tow caravans, horseboxes, or trailers; pull heavy loads, drive high mileage, or simply want to improve how your vehicle feels and responds whilst gaining better fuel economy, there is a Viezu tuning product that is right for you.

The Viezu V-Box are also fully guaranteed and warrantied, as with all Viezu’s range of tuning products and remapping services. The V-Box also comes with our 30-day money-back promise.

Viezu Technologies has an extensive, proven, and tested range of services and for almost all vehicles in most markets. Our international car dealer network of over 500 tuning professionals can supply and fit any of our solutions, whether it is a bespoke engine ECU remap or one of our high-performance diesel or petrol chip tuning boxes from the Viezu V-Box range.

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