Powergate – Alientech OBD Home Tuning Solution

The NEW Alientech Powergate tuning tool is your gateway to enhanced vehicle performance, offering the capability to fine-tune the software of your car’s engine control unit (ECU), also known as chiptuning. This handheld marvel empowers users to reprogram the ECU of their vehicle, allowing for the customization of key engine management parameters including fuel injection timing, turbo boost pressure, ignition timing, and more.

Powergate provides the unique ability to work via OBD on a single vehicle from an extensive selection of supported Powergate models, utilizing protocols shared with KESS3. This is facilitated through both an internet connection for Cloud services and Bluetooth for seamless smartphone communication, ensuring a smooth and secure interaction with your vehicle at all times.

Powergate 4 App

Powergate 4 – ECU Tuning Tool: Customize Anytime, Anywhere.

The Powergate App Designed for direct use from your smartphone, the Powergate App is intuitive and available on Google Play, App Store, and Huawei AppGallery. It aims to streamline the tuning process from start to finish – from initial registration and tool association to the reprogramming itself.

Upon downloading the app, users are welcomed into the Powergate ecosystem. Simply create a profile with your ALIEN_id to link the tool with your smartphone and embark on a reprogramming journey. The app not only guides you through each step but also offers a dedicated user section for personalizing settings like language or profile details, with remote support readily available to ensure you’re fully supported.

Powergate 4 – ECU Remapping & Chip Tuning Tool: Compatible with iOS, Android, and EMUI.


Powergate Operational Workflow:

  • Connecting to the Vehicle: Connect the Powergate to your vehicle’s OBD port and wait for the LED strip to glow BLUE. Use the Powergate App on your smartphone with your ALIEN_id profile to access Alientech services.


  • Bluetooth Pairing: Link your smartphone to Powergate via Bluetooth, activating it from your phone’s settings to pair with available devices. The LED will shine BLUE.


  • Internet Connection: Ensure both Powergate and your smartphone are on the same internet network, using a WI-FI router or mobile network (Hotspot) if necessary.


  • Vehicle Selection: Choose your vehicle’s brand, fuel type, and model in the App, specifying the engine size for precision. Your vehicle’s registration document can help with this.


  • Identification to Writing: Begin with ECU identification, leading to ECU reading, and conclude with writing the modified file, with LED guidance changing from RED to GREEN upon completion.

Benefits of Using Powergate:

– Enhanced Performance

– Improved Fuel Efficiency

– Custom ECU remapping

– Non-invasive, reversible maps

– Up to 4 vehicle customizations

powergate 4

Key Features of Powergate:

  • Extensive vehicle compatibility (+ 18,000 vehicles)
  • Quick RFID Initialization
  • Multi-level customization
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Cloud Platform integration
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Remote configuration and customization
  • Bluetooth connectivity in a compact design

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