MK8 Golf R Carbon Fibre Styling

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We recently invested in our own 2023 MK8 VW Golf R. The team at Viezu have been hard at work sourcing and developing new products for the car that allow Golf R owners the ability to personalise their car with high quality parts which look great, and fit as they should.

We have already shared details of the superb results that we achieved when developing our ECU tune for this vehicle, you can see the details in our previous blog here.

In addition to enhanced performance, we wanted to provide owners with some superb styling upgrades too.

MK8-VW-Golf-R-carbon-fibre-front-splitter-lip-1 copy

We are delighted to now offer a premium quality range of carbon fibre styling parts for the MK8 VW Golf R.

Each piece has been carefully selected, and has been fitted to our own development vehicle in order to make sure that the part fits as it should, and is of a very high quality. We install and test each of these product thoroughly at our UK head office prior to them going on sale in our shop.

Every carbon fibre piece in the range looks superb! Each item features an attractive and consistent carbon fibre weave and is finished in a very high quality, gloss clearcoat, which provides both protection and a highly attractive finish. The final result is both striking, and perfectly in keeping with MK8 Golf R.

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Our range of carbon fibre styling parts currently comprises of

Front splitter/lip

Our range of carbon fibre parts are manufactured to the highest standards and scream quality. This Golf R front splitter features a very attractive, consistent carbon fibre weave. And in addition, is finished with an extremely high quality high gloss clearcoat finish. Providing protection, whilst also enhancing the look of the part, which perfectly compliments the rest of the vehicle.

Side skirts

Enhance the stance of your Golf R and stand out from the crowd. With the addition of our fantastic premium quality carbon fibre side-skirts. These are genuine, high quality carbon fibre side skirts, no dipping or coating here. Like the rest of our carbon fibre range for the VW Golf R these side skirts have an attractive carbon fibre weave, and are finished in a very high quality gloss clearcoat.

Rear diffuser

Stand out from the crowd with the addition of our fantastic premium quality carbon fibre rear diffuser. High quality carbon fibre, light weight and very strong. No dipping or coating, only quality carbon fibre. Like the rest of our carbon fibre range for the VW Golf R our rear diffuser features an attractive carbon fibre weave pattern. And is also finished in a very high quality gloss clearcoat. Ensuring the part is perfectly in keeping with the rest of the vehicle.

All of these parts are available with immediate effect. Contact our team, or call us directly on +44 (0)1789 774444 for further details.

We can now also provide an absolutely superb carbon fibre air intake for this vehicle. Not only does it improve breathing and the sound of the vehicle, it looks fantastic as well, and is a brilliant addition to our remap.

To begin your upgrade journey, please get in touch with our team to discuss your goals, and we will be happy to assist. We can provide professional installation at our fully equipped workshop in Warwickshire, UK or we can arrange worldwide mail order.