Alientech KESS 3

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Alientech Kess3

Alientech Kess 3 Hardware & Protocol options. The Alientech Kess3 replaces the Alientech KESSv2 and Alientech K-Tag which have probably been the most popular tunings tools in the market over the past decade.

The new KESS3 has the ability to be activated either as a Kess3 Master tuning tool, or a Kess3 Slave tuning tool. In addition, it can be activated as either OBD, Bench / boot, or Both. So in short, the Kess3 tuning tool can offer both OBD tuning and Bench / Boot tuning from one device.

Therefore the Kess3 offers unbelievable coverage and flexibility when it comes to tuning and ECU remapping. This combined with good strong technical support and service. Very regular updates, low running costs. As well as the ability to upgrade from slave to master. Not to mention a processor 10 times faster than the one fitted to the Kess V2. All come together to make the Alientech KESS3 a force to be reckoned with.

Kess3 Master or Slave
Once you have purchased your Kess 3 hardware unit. Next you can decide to activate it as either a Slave or Master version of the tool. This is wholly dependent on the protocols you choose to add to the tuning device.

The protocols selected will confirm what vehicles can be tuned. Choose from Motorbikes, Cars, Agricultural vehicles / Trucks, And Marine tuning applications.

Kess 3 OBD, Boot / Bench tuning options
In addition, each of the vehicle groups available can be chosen as OBD protocols, or Boot / Bench tuning protocols. Or of course you can select both for deeper and more flexible tuning coverage.

All of the protocol packages can be seen in the VIEZU online Kess3 shop. And if you are not sure, have any questions. Or would appreciate any guidance, the support team are on hand to help.

Kess 3 Slave configuration
Each Alientech Kess3 unit with a purchase of Slave protocols, must have a KESS3 Master. It is the Master that will provide your tuning files, software, and day to day support. If you don’t have a Master you want to use for your remap file. Paramount will be very happy to assist. Offering live, custom and bespoke tuning 7 days a week.

Alternatively, if you do have a master tuning file provider ready to support, you please confirm the details of the master account number you would like to use with your new Kess3 slave. And we will make sure this is in place prior to shipping / collection. Find out more about becoming a VIEZU Dealer and starting a tuning business here

Kess3 Tax Free – Worldwide Shipping
VIEZU have all Alientech tuning tools, software and accessories in stock ready to ship. If you are outside of the UK, the sale is UK tax free. And the team can arrange fast direct worldwide shipping. And with protocols you pay no import duty or tax on the software and Kess3 activation.

Kess3 training and Support
All Alientech sales come inclusive of training, set up, and support. The technical support team is on hand to ensure you get the very most form your new tuning tool.

VIEZU is one of the biggest tuning tool sellers in the world, and while some tuners will just tell you about the tool, we can show you.  We offer a FREE demonstration of the tool to make sure you have a full understanding of how to use the KESS3 and the things you need to run a tuning business, at our HQ and workshop here in Warwickshire. So you can be certain that we are commited to ensuring you get exactly the tool you want with the skills to make your business a success. For even more training you can sign up to our range of FREE and paid courses at the VIEZU Technical Academy

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 65 × 50 × 45 cm

Hardware Only, Hardware & Protocols


Slave, Master, None


OBD only, Bench & Boot only, OBD Bench & Boot, None

Vehicle Protocols

Car & LCV, Car & LCV + Bike, Car & LCV + Bike + Truck & Agri, Car & LCV + Bike +Truck & Agri + Marine, Car & LCV + Truck & Agri, Car & LCV + Truck & Agri + Marine, Car & LCV + Marine, Car & LCV + Bike + Marine, Bike, Bike + Truck & Agri, Bike + Truck & Agri + Marine, Bike + Marine, Truck & Agri + Marine, Marine, Truck & Agri, None


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