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Landini Tractors

Product ImageLandini Tractors sold under the Argo umbrella are a well established historical tractor brand. Offering tractors and machineary in a wide array of applications in countries all over the world. Viezu Technologies have a long history in aggricultural tuning having dealers and outlets worldwide providing tuning options and support for customers all over the world. Viezu can increase the power and efficiency of the engine ECU with uprated engine software. The engine remap delivers a more useable driver friendly power band whilst reducing the strain on the throttle. The fuel consumption can be dramatically improved with Viezu's engine chip tuning software. With the engine control unit being remapped to optimise the engine to perform at its best, for longer and more reliably thanks to the Viezu Technologies Ltd modified engine calibration software. The 7 (Seven) series 190 and 230 models can be tuned straight through the vehicle diagnostic port allowing for a fast and hassle free engine tuning service. This is the same case with the Viezu engine tune for the Powermaster 220, a simple upload through OBD port and the engine is performing better and makes it feel like a brand new vehicle.

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