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Seat Leon Tuning and Seat Leon ECU Remapping

Date Added: 01/03/2013

Seat Leon Tuning and Seat Leon ECU Remapping at Viezu

Seat Leon Tuning and Seat Leon ECU Remapping viezu

Seat Leon TFSI tuning – Fixing the tuning files of others Viezu Technologies continually strives to be at the forefront of tuning industry. Through our constant product and application development we are always bringing new vehicles and tuning applications – this week its been Seat Leon Tuning and ecu remapping From time to time, we are called upon to assist a customer in need, in this case a customer who had his Seat Leon tuned with another company and was unsatisfied with the results.

A big Seat Leon intercooler and modified Seat Leon air filter system were not being complemented by the Seat Leon ecu remap provided. The first thing we always do with a car that is either original or has been remapped somewhere else, is to benchmark it our Mustang AWD MD500 Dyno. This lets us see very quickly, the current health of the car and power / torque levels that are being produced. Unfortunately the power levels of this Seat Leon tuning was only 4hp over stock.

An expensive remap on this Seat Leon Tfsi from another tuning company, had left this customer with a bitter taste and no real performance increase. We read the “tuned” file from the Seat Leon ECU, and verified the data against our experience of previously tuned Seat Leon’s. Next we had to set about fixing the errors in the customers current Seat Leon remap and begin applying the signature Viezu Technologies performance tune to the software. IMMEDIATELY the Seat Leon performance was up in both horsepower and torque across the RPM band. With a good strong Seat Leon tuning file we were not only able to dramatically improve the customers HP by nearly 40hp over the original values, but we were able to improve torque by over 50ftlbs at the wheels. The new Viezu Seat Leon tuning did highlight a faulty diverter valve on the car which the customer was very grateful for usbeing able to detect

. seat performance tuning remap viezu

Seat tuning can be seen on our website here: Seat Tuning

If you are looking for Seat Leon tuning in our store, you can see this here: and our Seat Leon V-switch home tuning system can be seen here: This particular Seat Leon tuning finished the day (even with a weak dump valve) with a total of 260 horsepower at the wheels with an estimated 296hp at the flywheel. Fantastic gains from a 200hp