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Nissan Navara Tuning and ECU Remapping

Date Added: 17/08/2011



Nissan Navara Tuning and ECU Remapping


Since its launch there has always been high demand for Nissan Navara Tuning, The Navara is a great vehicle but shear size, weight and likely use the requirement for performance and torque tuning is always going to be high.

Until now Tuning of the Nissan Navara has been predominantly limited to tuning boxes, and whilst they have their purpose, the need for a full ECU remap, offering full custom tailored tuning has remained. This week using the very latest tuning software, the Viezu 3000bhp rolling road and emission equipped dyno research and development cell, the Viezu tech team have completed their tuning of the Nissan Navara.

Viezu can now offer full customer tuning for the Navara, including Blue Optimize fuel and carbon reduction tuning, DPF removal, performance tuning, Max Torque tuning and their signature dish, the Blend map, combing the best of all Nissan Navara Tuning options


viezu tuning

Check out this amazing dyno chart, great new power across the whole rev range   


Viezu take tuning very seriously, as well as winning awards, all tuning comes with international insurance, money back guarantee, and is fully custom written to the customer’s requirements, not just some flash tune that is downloaded time and time again from a nameless faceless database.

You can see Nissan Navar tuning in the Paramount shop here:

For anticipated performance results and complete vehicles listings please see: .If you are interested in our Nissan Navara tuning any of our ECU remapping services please contact us at  .For DPF delete or DPF removal please see, we are here and happy to help with all your DPF issues