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K-Tag Tuning is here and will change the car tuning industry

Date Added: 14/03/2011

alien tech K-Tag Tuning with Viezu K-tag is the very latest tuning tool, its ground breaking coverage and applications are set to sweep the ECU remapping and car tuning industry. Are you read for the K-Tag Tuning system, offering OE ECU tuning for Japanese vehicles and petrol Japanese car tuning for the first time, motorbike tuning, Jet ski tuning, anti tune, marine, BDM and boot loader applications and much much more.

The K-Tag tuning system for the first time will allow tuning of Japanese petrol vehicles including Nissan (skyline tuning and 350z) and many more, Honda Civic, Accord and most other Honda vehicles can be tuned including the Type R’s, Kia, Hyundai, Subaru and Mitsubishi tuning and ecu remapping too are all available.

Tuning of the OE ECU offers huge advantages over other alternatives using after market ECU’s and piggy back tuning units Anti tune ECU’s, 2010, 2011 bosch ECU’s where obd tuning cannot be performed can also be covered on bench with k-Tag,  Also available will be old school BDM covering vehicles without K-Line such as Mercedes C63, and other AMG versions, as will ford ST vehicles not available on OBD tuning.

Motorbike tuning, is also offered for popular brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki, along with quad bike tuning, jet ski and out board marine tuning applications. If you are serious about your tuning the combination of Viezu’s OBD flash tuning system and K-Tag will offer unrivalled tuning coverage and application, coupled with Viezu’s fully insured files, 30 day money back promise, marketing, dealer support and world class leading technical service make a very formidable tuning package

We are here to support and grow your tuning and ecu remapping business – viezu,, or mail us at for further details.