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Brake Upgrades and Stopping Power from Viezu

Date Added: 30/09/2014

Brake Upgrades

Brake Upgrades and Stopping Power from Viezu The most overlooked tuning upgrade on cars is brakes. With a booming industry of power and bolt on upgrades the brakes are too often than not forgot about leaving the most important safety feature lacking in performance. Brake upgrades come in many different forms from outright 2 piece monster 8 pot AP racing setups to a simple brake pad upgrade with everything in between for your budget and driving style. Every car brakes will stop the standard car, but with increased power and even handling characteristics will the brakes stop you the second and even third time after one hard stop Uprated brakes give a much better feel, bite and a much more consistent performance.

Brake setups explained Brake pad upgrades. Brake pads shall increase bite and give a more constant bite as they get hot. Standard brake pads shall start to loose bite and feel with increased heat, however a simple set of uprated pads shall give continued performance until almost 50% more temperature than standard! We can match a set of pads to your needs ranging from if you need a good and improved bite from cold with an everyday driving pad, to a full race pad where outstanding performance is needed at very high temperatures. Brake pad & uprated disc upgrades

Following from brake pads, a good set of matched uprated discs and pads is the optimum upgrade for both performance and cost. While uprated brake pads give an increased and consistent bite at high temperatures standard discs performance shall be falling and their life decreased. The solution to this is uprated brake discs. These are made harder, for pro-longed life, and with the drilled and grooved option cool themselves much more effectively therefore trying to keep the pads within their optimum working temperature. Complete brake setup

This option completely bins your original cars brakes and uses 2 piece discs and an all new calliper and braided hoses. This option is the most tailored to you with options on size, disc grooves, calliper piston amount, colour, massive pad option, and brand. 2 Piece discs uses a bell which the disc then bolts on to, this gives the brakes much better cooling and helps to stop the heat being transferred into the cars hub which can then break down the grease in your hub bearings.

The calliper is lightweight and contains more pistons than standard callipers (parts of the calliper that apply force to brake) hence giving more of a bite and more clamping force. This type of setup is available for almost any car and is the best option when braking must be at its best. This setup gives the most reliable stopping power with the most consistent performance. The manufactures that we use also supply the complete brake setups for the majority of World Rally, BTCC, Hill Climbing, Clubman, and even classic cars!

Today we had an Audi S4 in the workshop with a customer looking for a brake upgrade. The most suitable and cost effective setup for the driving style was a set of EBC Ultimax Drilled & Grooved discs with EBC Pads. Compared to the old standard discs they look the part and now improve every aspect of the braking, with an increased bite, and massively better performance when hot. We have now moved office, you can fid our new HQ offices here let us know if we can help with any of our car tuning or ecu remapping needs