Testing and Measuring

Vehicle Testing and Measuring at Viezu Technologies

At Viezu Technologies we are committed to our ECU remapping, vehicle tuning and software recalibration, more so we believe than any other aftermarket tuning software provider. To ensure we offer only the very best in car tuning solutions, and ECU remapping, we have invested heavily in our own on site research and development facilities. 

Rolling Road Testing and Measuring

Viezu Technologies operates the finest vehicle testing facilities 

Viezu operates vehicle testing and measuring facilities that put us ahead of the rest of the industry. Only the finest research universities and professional vehicle testing bodies come close to the level of services and vehicle testing facilities Viezu operates every day to develop our products and tuning. No other tuning company that we know of is equipped to the Viezu standard. 

Just about everything on a vehicle can be measured, and at Viezu our staff are highly trained and experienced in controlled vehicle testing and product development. We operate to ISO certified standards and Prince II methodology for the special projects and testing we undertake.

Viezu supports vehicle manufacturers, aftermarket suppliers and vehicle operators with vehicle testing and product proving. Our facilities and staff are available for vehicle proving, testing and research and development work. This includes: 

tuning  Emissions Testing and Measuring

Vehicle emission testing at Viezu 

Emission testing

Viezu utilises state of the art vehicle emission testing facilities, including:

  • The standard UK Ministry of Transport test as carried out annually, emission systems
  • Live drive cycle emission testing for both gasoline emissions and diesel vehicle emission testing
  • 7 gas emission testing, including Nox, Sox and carbon vehicle emissions
  • Mobile 7 gas vehicle emission testing
  • European and diverse dynamic drive cycle emission testing for carbon, Nox and Sox

3000bhp Rolling Road

4 wheel drive, eddy braked, linked rolling road  MUSTANG dynamometer, capable of testing up to 3000bhp with quarter mile, drive cycle, 0-60mph, 0-100mph, and maximum speed testing, complete with smog testing capability

 Fuel Economy Testing and Measuring

Vehicle fuel economy testing at Viezu 

Fuel metering and fuel use testing

Specialist commissioned vehicle fuel flow testing that can measure exactly how much fuel is being used to carry out any specific task, product, modification or driving route, either on our rolling road or in controlled conditions in road use.

The vehicle testing facilities at Viezu are housed in a purpose built, environmentally controlled, research and development centre at our head office in Bidford-on-Avon and are available for hire, demonstration or customer inspection.

To enquire about hiring or using our vehicle testing facilities please email us at info@viezu.com 

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