Supercharger Chiller Kit

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Supercharger Chiller Kit for Jaguar

Take your supercharged Jaguar to a whole new level of performance, incorporate our superb new Supercharger Chiller Kit into your build, keep temperatures low, and power high!

As ambient and engine temperatures rise your ECU has to manage critical settings to ensure your engine continues to run smoothly, this will often result in power and performance being reduced to accommodate high intake temperatures. The team at VIEZU and Paramount Performance can help you counter this issue with the superb Supercharger Chiller Kit.

Developed and thoroughly tested over hundreds of hours, the system has been subjected to numerous dyno runs and many miles of on road testing, this superb system has been created by the renowned Jaguar experts at Paramount Performance. Paramount Performance have been improving Jaguar vehicles since 1986. The system is currently available for and specifically developed for the V8 powered Jaguar F-Type and 5.0 litre Jaguar XKR.

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The Paramount Performance Chiller Kit is a refrigerated exchange system that lowers engine air intake temperatures and allows your vehicle to deliver maximum performance, whatever the ambient temperature.

In simple terms: In order to develop more power and torque your engine requires more fuel, more air, and colder air. The Supercharger Chiller Kit helps us to achieve cooler air intake temperatures, and subsequently improved power and performance delivery.

The addition of this fantastic kit also improves consistency of power delivery, ambient temperatures may well increase, but with the chiller kit installed, power will not be reduced.

The Paramount Performance Chiller Kit can be purchased as part of our epic Jaguar F-Type Predator upgrade package or the Jaguar XKR Vanta Black package. The system can also be purchased on it’s own, but will require the fitment of the fantastic new cold air intake system.

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