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About VIEZU Tuning File Services

Tuning Files: There are several different terms for the software that vehicle tuners’ and remappers’ use to describe what they are doing. Covering the recalibration of an ECU of a vehicle to improve its performance.

VIEZU has developed an elegant suite of Tuning Files and Solutions for you to select from.

This is based on our many years of service and data research into what our most successful Tuners offer their Customers.

Tuning Files: There are several different terms for Tuning File Software used to describe the type of modification being made to the ECU Software.

Phrases like engine remapping, tuning files, chip-tuning files, maps, mod-files, staged maps like stage 1,2,3 etc. to name a few.

In basic terms, these names mean the same thing, a Software File containing an ECUs control maps which govern how an ECU for an engine, generator or gearbox will perform under various circumstances.

With quality tuning tools, protocols and a good stable bank of reliable, high performing tuning files; your business has plenty to offer a wide variety of customers.

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Sending & Receiving Files

The file exchange process is as simple as sending an email!  VIEZU will fully train you on the file exchange process.  We will train you on how to read and write vehicle files with your tuning tool.  We will set up your account on The Portal and show you how to get going.  You will have a number of Tuning Credits or Function Credits on Account and then you are pretty much good to go.  The service is available 7-days per week.  The Technical Team are always online to serve you.

How It Works

  1. read vehicle ecu using tuning tool of choice
  2. complete file submission form with required tune
  3. send file to viezu technical team
  4. technical team make required modifications
  5. modified file returned – write back to vehicle
Performance Tuning

Focus on vehicle performance by increasing the engine’s power, horse power (bhp) and torque.

Great for car enthusiasts and drivers who like a bit of va-va-voom in their driving experience


Focus on improving fuel consumption and fuel usage efficiency. VIEZU’s patented BlueOptimze tuning solution has been used on some of the largest fleets in the UK and EU. Perfect for diesel vehicle drivers wanting to save some money

Blend Tune

Focus on FUSION – this carefully crafted approach to making the Tuning File is extremely popular as it provides an excellent choice for drivers who literally need more miles for less fuel and a bit of bhp and torque

Tuning Solutions & Applications

Tuning Solutions

Welcome to the world of VIEZU Vehicle Tuning! VIEZU can take an original ECU file and make changes to suit the vehicle’s driving conditions, other modifications, or driver requirements. We can also improve gearbox responsiveness and, we can even handle fault code issues DTCs and more. Take a closer look at some of the solutions available from VIEZU.

Track Tuning

Motorsport Drivers who run track/field vehicles will definitely want this service. O2 Delete and other bespoke performance enhancement tuning files are widely available

Mechanical Modification Tuning

Mechanical upgrades and modifications, in many instances will receive amplified performance with an associated staged engine remap.

Take a look at the VIEZU Halo Vehicle Collection to see how much research and development goes into our Tuning File Services

Hybrid Engine Tuning

Even as fuel types are improved upon, hybrid engines still offer plenty of scope for engine remapping and more performance modifications

Gearbox tuning

Gearbox / DSG and TCU Tuning are a great addition to the engine remap, it also provides you with an upsell opportunity as you can charge for this additional service separately


Malfunctioning sensors, check engine light on and no fault present, DPF blockage on off-road vehicles, motorsport track day O2 delete and more. Function Management Files support many needs

Fuel Economy Tuning

Not to be underestimated, saving on the cost of fuel makes engine remapping a serious contender with commercial vehicles, taxi operators and fleet operators

Tuning Applications

Buying a Tuning Tool and getting great tuned files is just the start with VIEZU, with support from the Dealer Services Team, you can get advice and guidance on how to apply Tuning Solutions to the real world of being a Professional Tuner. 

Bike Tuning

Motorbikes, Quadbikes and Jet Skis are perfectly tuneable as well. In fact your customers will LOVE this as it’s a great leisurely pursuit with some thrilling results. A massive customer group awaits here for you to explore

Commercial Vehicle Tuning

Commercial vehicles, vans and trucks – working vehicles generally have a particular application and may need more power or torque depending on payload and journey – VIEZU has a great deal of experience with these vehicle including Motorhomes

HGV Tuning

Tuning for more torque to handle heavy loads, refrigerated vehicles covering large distances needless to say, really benefit from an engine remap. With many HGV fleet operators on the global scene, you are never far away from striking a good business proposition

Marine Tuning

Marine inboard and outboard engines are perfectly tuneable to increase range and use fuel more efficiently – live near a marina? What a great opportunity to offer VIEZU marine tuning services!

Agricultural Tuning

Agricultural Vehicles, very much like HGVs can benefit from improved torque and power upgrades.

These hardworking and sometimes undervalued vehicles when it comes to engine remapping are a stable source in terms of business

Plant Generator Tuning

You may be surprised to learn that pretty much anything that is an engine with an ECU is tuneable. Whilst plant equipment tuning is specialist, demand is steady and for a number of reasons. Not to be overlooked as an income opportunity.

Tuning technical support

VIEZU can support your tuning

Custom Tuning Software

With the largest custom tuning file service support team in the industry. As well as an “AI” file databases and storage. Therefore no other tuning provider can offer the speed, tuning service, and support VIEZU can.

In addition, the service is open 7 days a week, with an average custom file service time of 22min minutes. As well as a MAX 1hour wait time, guaranteed.

Live Custom Tuning support 7 days a week

If you need a high-quality, ultra-reliable remapping and chip-tuning file service. The VIEZU team is on hand to help. There is no joining or sign-up fee, the ecu file service is open to all. And it is discrete too! With easy pay as you go tuning files. Virtually all tuning tools and platforms are supported too.

How to gain access to award-winning tuning files 24/7

There is no joining fee. And no contract to access and start using the industry’s leading tuning support team and custom, bespoke tuning files. Simply e-mail the team now at Info@VIEZU.com.  With your name and address to request access to your own unique and dedicated live support portal. No contract, no commitment.  – Give us a try and never wait for a tuning file again.

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