Jaguar XKR Vanta Black

Meet the ultimate Jaguar XKR tuning package, Jaguar XKR Vanta Black. Taking the inherent performance and driving thrills delivered by the Jaguar XKR and enhancing them to a whole new level!

This Jaguar XKR delivers incredible performance. Expect a thrilling drive thanks to a huge 650 HP and simply massive 940 NM of torque from that highly capable V8 supercharged engine.

This thorough upgrade package covers all the bases. Vanta Black
enhances power delivery, transmission responsiveness, braking and handling. Keep reading to discover how to take your Jaguar XKR to the next level.

Jaguar XKR Vanta Black

Factory: 503 HP After: 650 BHP

Factory: 625 NM After: 940 NM

Jaguar XKR tuning

Custom Engine Software For Jaguar XKR Vanta Black

Our ECU tune has been developed by the experienced technical team at VIEZU, who have written in excess of 300,000 tunes in the last 15 plus years.

Our tune has been tested on the road, and on our highly advanced 3,000 horsepower 4 wheel drive dyno at our head office and workshop. The choice is yours. Many of our customers choose to build their package in stages, starting with a remap and upper pulley upgrade, this in itself results in some impressive performance gains. All of our remaps are designed to be smooth, progressive, reliable and safe..

When the Vanta Black ECU tune is combined with our fantastic mechanical upgrades such as upper pulley, crank pulley and cooler upgrades our development car, and customer cars have consistently achieved seriously impressive power and performance. This is a truly amazing upgrade for a relatively low outlay.

Jaguar XKR Tuning

With huge increases in performance, improved handling and a massive 650 HP this Jaguar XKR truly stands out from the crowd, no matter the location or the company it keeps. The Vanta Black Package is available for your own Jaguar XKR. Get in touch with our team to discuss installation options and worldwide mail order. The upgrade package consists of a whole range of high quality, performance parts, which really enhance the cars overall appeal.

Jaguar Performance Parts

The extensive range of performance parts on offer provides you a wealth of options for personalizing your own Jaguar XKR.
Whether you’d like the entire Vanta Black upgrade package, or you would just like the enhanced performance, our helpful team are at hand to discuss your goals, and help you tailor the options that suit you and your driving style.

Jaguar XKR tuning

Jaguar XKR Vanta Black Upgrades

  • VIEZU Performance Tune
  • VIEZU Transmission Tune
  • Performance Exhaust System
  • 200 Cell Sports Cats
  • Upper Pulley Upgrade
  • Crank Pulley Upgrade Intake
  • Supercharger Cooler
  • Uprated Cooler Pump
  • Polyurethane performance bush kit
  • Tarox Performance Brake Kit
  • Lowering Springs
  • Wheel Spacers
XKR Vanta Black Package 5L

Unlocking even more performance

The tune and upper pulley alone add great power and torque, and is a fantastic place to start with your XKR build.

By combining the fantastic VIEZU performance tune with Paramount Performance mechanical upgrades, such as supercharger pulley components, high quality Performance exhaust system and 200 cell sports cats, we can unlock even more power and performance.

The full Jaguar XKR Tuning package delivers a simply astounding 650 HP and massive 940 NM, those figures are reaching the realms of supercars from a few years ago!

We also transfer all of that power and performance to the road even more effectively with a VIEZU developed gearbox tune. Faster, more efficient gear shifts for ultimate acceleration.

Insurance Backed

What’s more our tunes are insurance backed, so you have complete peace of mind where Viezu tuning is concerned. As an ISO 9001:2008 registered organisation, we track the quality of our work, complaints and issues. This means that in the highly unlikely event you experience a concern directly attributed to one of our remaps, we have a robust, transparent and independent process to help. Our insurance is independently underwritten and covers all the file writing and tuning services we provide. Ask our team for further details on our insurance backed tuning, or visit the following page.

Research and Development

The Jaguar XKR Vanta Black tuning package has been painstakingly crafted over hundreds and hundreds of hours. At the point of conception the business invested in it’s own development vehicle as you see pictured. Each part we sell has been fitted to the development vehicle and thoroughly tested both on the road, and on our highly advanced 3,000 HP Four Wheel drive dyno. Several years on, this world renowned tuning package has been installed on many customer vehicles across the globe.

With the Vanta Black package you get the best of both worlds for your Jaguar XKR. A reliable, tried and tested upgrade package, but also total flexibility to pick and choose the tuning components that suit your needs and personality.

Upgrade your Jaguar XKR driving experience today

Use the contact form below, or give our friendly team a call to discuss your Jaguar XKR upgrade. We would be delighted to take your driving experience to the next level.

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