Gearbox Tuning Jaguar Land Rover 8 Speed ZF 8HP

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Jaguar Land Rover Gearbox tuning

Gearbox Tuning Jaguar Land Rover

  • Faster shift times
  • Torque limiter removed
  • Increased tuning potential

Viezu have cracked it again!

Get in Pole Position with our brand-new gearbox ECU upgrade. Jaguar and Land Rover 8 Speed automatic vehicles fully compatible with this cutting-edge technology.

Enhance your driving experience with our gearbox remap.

Jaguar Land Rover gearbox or transmission tuning is designed to improve both the shift speed and the torque management capabilities of the Transmission Control Unit (TCU) in the ZF gearbox. For those discerning drivers, who want the best and are serious about performance, this is a must!

The new ultra fast-shifting provided by the VIEZU transmission tune provides you with a distinct performance advantage.

Jaguar Land Rover Gearbox Tuning

The results are amazing!

The ZF 8HP gearbox is factory limited to 740nm torque.

We can unlock the full and safe potential of your transmission by increasing the torque limitation to a tarmac twisting 1100NM. This stays well within the safe limitations of the transmissions 1300NM maximum potential. Our transmission tune can unlock amazing torque gains, provide huge shifting improvements and improve overall drivability. Book your transmission tune today, safe in the knowledge you are opting for a reliable upgrade from the tuning experts at Viezu.

Taking the Viezu Gearbox Remap even further: We have adjusted and modified the gear shifting speed of the box. This is done through several complex changes in the transmission controller calibration. But, the simple explanation is that the torque/throttle reduction times during gear shifting have been reduced. This has had a 0.2 second improvement on stock performance, data based on ¼ mile testing in controlled conditions.

You really must have this gearbox tune applied to fully appreciate the significance of the change in overall driveability and performance. The bonus of faster shifting is you spend more time on the power, resulting in faster overall acceleration.

Contact us to find out more.

Gearbox Tuning Vehicle Models

Compatible with vehicles up to 2016 inclusive – Please call our team for clarification on model compatibility: +44 (0) 1789 774444

Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar XE

Jaguar XF

Jaguar XJ

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Discovery

Range Rover

Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Velar

Please contact our team to discuss your specific vehicle make and model.


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