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Protect your pride and joy with a professional application of Lanoguard. Lanoguard is a tried and tested rust prevention treatment. Sadly rust is just a fact of life when your vehicle starts to get a little older, particularly if it lives outside and is regularly exposed to the elements. The professional team at VIEZU and Paramount Performance will carefully prepare the underside of your vehicle and thoroughly apply Lanoguard to protect your vehicle from dreaded rust. Annual inspection and re-application will ensure your vehicle lives on for years to come.

The success of this sort of product is largely down to the quality of the preparation work and the thoroughness of the application, our experienced technicians will ensure the best possible results are achieved with a thorough application in our fully equipped workshop.

Lanoguard is a tried and tested solution, used by tens of thousands of vehicle owners, and is a product our team have now used on multiple occasions with excellent results. The product was actually developed alongside industry experts from industrial, marine and construction sectors, so it’s been put up to some pretty serious scrutiny.

The raw materials used in the production of Lanoguard are UK sourced too. The product itself is lanolin based and is much less hazardous, and better for the environment than many alternative products that are out there which is definitely a nice benefit.

For optimal results Lanoguard should be re-applied on an annual basis. Simply add the product to your basket and get in touch with our team to make an appointment, whether it is for the first application, or a repeat application.

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