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Alientech and Viezu ECU Master Tuner Courses Already Under Way!

Date Added: 09/01/2015

2015 ECU Master Tuner Courses Already Under Way at Viezu!

Our most recent course this January is successfully completed.   The class covered gasoline and diesel ECU remapping as well as reading and writing files through both the OBD port and bench tuning.  We train you how to alter files, where changes are made and how these changes effect vehicle performance.  Upon completion you will know the advanced file writing techniques needed to unlock the potential of many engines.  Our course options include diesel, gasoline, cars, bikes, trucks, agriculture, boats, avian, jet skis and even snow mobile engines! We take good care of you while you are here, with refreshment breaks and lunches included. 

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You can also look through this blog page to view examples of the growing worldwide popularity of Viezu,  our file writing training, and the many awards received for our technological advancements. To ensure a quality learning atmosphere class sizes are limited, so get in touch now to book a place. Bench Tuning Courses With Viezu The January Course also provided an in depth training module on anti-tune vehicle remapping. With many years? experience in the field of ECU tuning, Viezu Technologies have heavily invested research and development resources into various bench tuning techniques, while using the very latest bench tuning equipment. With our advanced master tuner courses you can learn the full methodology of bench tuning with KTag, increasing the range of vehicles you can tune.

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Click here to see our short informative video on K-TAG. Viezu offer free tuning tool set up and training to ensure a hassle free and comfortable start to your tuning longevity. We also hold free demonstration days for those who are interested n engine tuning and master file writing but not sure of the best options for tuning equipment. For dates of up and coming courses, please follow this link to our training school To  book places on any of our courses or for any further information.

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