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"WOW!!! Just WOW!!!" - Impressed by V-Switch

Simon invested in a V-Switch device for his Jaguar F-Type V8 AWD. Simon's V-Switch contained 3 of 6 possible settings (including the original) to effortlessly switch between - Performance, Valet, and original settings. Simon now has the best of all the power, and the peace of mind his car is safe in the hands of others.

Simon emailed us to say:


Just WOW!!! It even spins the back wheels on take-off…and it is an AWD. Incredible.

So many thanks for walking me through this…..calibration made it all work perfectly and then, as you said, after you cycle the engine 5 times the warning lights went off.

Really impressed…going to tell everyone!!"

"It's Perfect!"

Meet Baby Beast, fondly known as BB

Land Rover Defender Restoration and Modernisation - Project BB Rolling

Commissioned by Lisa following meeting the Viezu team and BB, a Land Rover Defender 90 in dire need of a full restoration. Lisa and BB first met at a Land Rover show in Warwickshire, UK.

Land Rover Defender Restoration and Modernisation - Project BB Interior

Sourced and Exported Land Rover Defender 90

Exported to Florida, USA, BB has been restored to a concourse condition, inside and out, with renewed and modernised interior. BB is fitted with impressive mod-cons including air conditioning, GPS Tracker, Satelite Navigation, Reversing Camera, and Gun Drawer.

	Land Rover Defender Restoration and Modernisation - Gun Drawer

lisa - what do you think?

Hear what Lisa has to say about BB's restoration and commisioning Project BB from USA. More information about BB's restoration in this episode of Viezu TV.

It's your turn

We have our next restoration project in our state of the art workshop. Start your restoration build today, contact us on 0044 (0)1789 774 444, or email

Viezu restore and customise classic vehicles, or rebuild to factory specifications. We offer a sourcing and exporting service. You can keep up to date of our latest project on Facebook Viezu Tuning International HQ.

Remapping my Motorhome - Absolutely Astonishing! The Difference was very noticeable. 

You remapped my motorhome and the first time I used it was also the first time I towed the Smart car so it was difficult to compare before/after although initial impressions were good.

I have just driven the Motorhome solo down to Eastbourne and back. So mixed roads, stopping starting etc. Not a gentle motorway cruise. The difference was very noticeable. Pulling much more strongly and holding higher gears much more comfortably on inclines which you may recall was my main objective.

As you suggested, the on board computer has sorted itself out after a bit of a wobble following the disconnect. All functions now working fine. One thing that I hadn't expected was while checking the now fully working computer I discovered that on this mixed trip the van has done 34 mpg. Absolutely astonishing! A big coachbuilt motorhome fairly well loaded getting that figure is terrific.

Just proves I guess how much less hard the engine is working. Sorry the job was a bit of a nightmare with the ECU having (unexpectedly) to come off but I'm really happy with the result.


Sit Down – Enjoy the Ride

Tired of uncomfortable seats in your beloved Defender?

Check out these Brand-New Seats for the Land Rover Defender

Have the ultimate driving experience in comfort and style with new and upgraded Land Rover Defender Seats. Super comfortable with up-to-date technology too...

Land Rover Defender Upgrade Seats

What do Customers say?

“Hi Paul, Fantastic! more than I expected.  Thank you! You can use the pics I’ve included here. Do you like my Landy?"

A: Yes!!!

Bring Me Comfort

Take your driving comfort to another level with upgraded Land Rover Defender Seats. These seats are designed to be more than just comfortable.

They have support at the forefront of their design, with raised sides on the base and back to snugly hold your driving position.


The Way It Pulls is Next Level!

Good to meet you the other day. Just wanted to thank you and the guys for your work on the 335d. Riad and I have driven it so far and we’re both thoroughly impressed, the way it pulls after 2.5k now is next level, keeps going almost like a petrol!

BMW 335D SCD Touring Remap

5 Years later and I'm back for more!

this time with my Mini Cooper - 2015 software upgrade

5 years ago I used Viezu to tune my previous car, a Fiat Abarth 500 with the best results; so when I bought my new Mini Cooper F56, without hesitation I went back to Viezu!

V-Switch Mini Cooper Remap

Viezu’s software upgrades deliver reliable performance and operation of the car and, the best value for money, especially for someone who wants good result for their day-to-day car.

There are many other tuning software upgrades advertised with more horsepower but, in my opinion, the first thing is reliability for a daily car..! So my results was 261 horsepower and 39 torque. “

Thank you. Serafeim

The Fast and the Safe

No it's not a new one in the famous american film franchise!

Hi Paul, I just had to send you an email to say it was an honour to meet you and to thank you for looking into what can be done for my car, I am delighted that you spent this time so now I know I have the very best option already. 

But the day just got better and better I have to thank you again for absolutely the best time ever in a car, what an amazing experience it was, to be driven in such an amazing vehicle and the way you drove it was terrific very fast but ultimately very very safe, I have never been with anyone who reads the road so brilliantly. Thank you so much for giving me a day that I will never forget. Kind regards, Andrew

From the Team at Viezu - Andew, you are most welcome!  :)

Viezu Customer Service and More

My car, BMW E61 520d lci, 2008.

I look after my car as you can see from these photos, it has covered over 190000 miles…. 

BMW E61 Concours Engine

…. I was pointed in the direction of Viezu by someone who is very highly thought of in the engine tuning business. I pulled the trigger and, well what can I say!

BMW well maintained at 194k miles

Set aside Viezu's commitment to customer service which I consider second to none having visited their facility, the mapping work they do has to be experienced. My diesel engine is now as quiet and smooth as the petrol equivalent, this has also been noticed by passengers and, passers-by when it’s in idle.

BMW Remapping with Viezu

Everything seems timed so much better the turbo opens up at just the right time and keeps forcing the air until I chicken out but retains an air of calmness and reassurance. A transformation. It would be very easy at the gas station to forget it’s a diesel vehicle. I average over 55mpg all day long, at motorway speeds I never get less than 48.5mpg.

If anyone is on the fence about a re map please call these guys, they know what they are doing with your engine.


Viezu Approved Dealer Technical Support

I just wanted to get in touch to let you know how impressed I was with the technical support I received on Tuesday.

Your technical team were superb throughout the whole afternoon and well into the evening as we figured it all out, this really reaffirmed to me why I chose Viezu as my supplier. I thought it would be worth firing an email over to let you know. Great tech support, much appreciated.

All the best, Adam

Jaguar XJR Restoration Project

The breakers yard could have been calling, but the owner, Willie, took the stance, if we could get it through the MOT and fix the gearbox without breaking the bank, maybe she was worth a little more time.



We were delighted to be given the opportunity with this Jaguar XJR, to give her a new lease of life; sometimes when they get a little tired it’s easier to consider selling them on, this old girl came in to us with a failed MOT and a gearbox that would not hold in gear. 

Mission completed! and Willie is delighted.  


Now she has gone on to have a full makeover, paintwork refurbishment, trim and wheels too, as well and full mechanical refit and upgrades.  She is literally better than new. We cried like babies when it was time for her to go safely home with Papa Willie.  

Jaguar XK V-Switch Upgrade: DIY Tuning Device

MAIL ORDER remaps!

Michael is enjoying his Jaguar XK that little bit more AND WE LOVE HIM FOR IT... THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT PIC.

Hi Alasdair, Just back from a small weekend tour. Well, you were absolutely right. Quite a difference! Engine very smooth and more responsive all through the Rev range. Seems more economical too, which is a bonus.  Switching to dynamic mode available on the car really starts the fireworks and unleashes the true V8 snarl - love it !!

Thank you and kind regards, Michael




Aston Martin Vantage V12 Carbon Bonnet Vents


Lovely stuff, I can confirm I have received the carbon vents for my V12 bonnet, and I have to say I'm very pleased!  The carbon weave finish is excellent, and the fitment is very good! You'll be glad to hear I'm one happy customer and I thank you so much for all your help along the way!  

Aston Martin Vantage V12 Carbon Bonnet VentsDo you do any other carbon products for the Aston Martin Vantage? I have a lot fitted already, but its nice to know if there are any others! Kind regards,  Adam.

Viezu Range Rover SVR Upgrade

Viezu remapped Range Rover SVR with supercharger pulley upgrade

I left your premises in my upgraded Range Rover SVR and drove it straight to Liverpool: 125 miles on all kinds of roads. 

Very first impressions? Nothing. No extra noise or harshness, the same smoothness I had enjoyed so much. Then came the first de-restricted stretch and the extra torque was immediately obvious. Acceleration from 50-70mph seemed almost instant.  Applying full throttle resulted in savage acceleration like I have never experienced before except in Concorde, taking off from Heathrow on full afterburner. Mind you, the SVR was a lot quieter than Concorde! The difference from standard is genuinely dramatic and really very intoxicating. I failed to find even the slightest drawback from your work. The power delivery is smooth, and feels perfectly developed and integrated with the rest of the vehicle.

That’s not all.

Range Rover SVR Tuning and remapping I tested the fuel consumption from your place to Liverpool city centre. The computer showed an average of 30.0 mpg. This amazed me as I have never had a reading better than 25.5 mpg on similar journeys before your Viezu upgrades were fitted. Something for nothing then? It certainly looks like it! 

Many thanks to you and your team. This was a job really well done, and at an affordable price. Tim

 Viezu Honda Accord Type S Remapped

Hello Viezu... just a quick thank you for remapping my Honda Accord type s , I was sceptical about what difference I would notice, wow what a difference! !!! Most noted in mid range and lack of having to change down, 180bhp up to 220bhp big grin factor for an oil burner !!!!! . Thanks again Dale


Viezu Jaguar XKR Upgrade

Just to let you know that the car is driving beautifully and that I am more than impressed with the work carried out and the net result.The entire package feels thoroughly developed and is perfectly balanced in relation to the rest of the vehicle,particularly the gearbox.The performance boost is ‘slingshot’ and nothing short of stunning but never at the expense of refinement,preserving the car’s essential duality as you promised.The noise is addictive,ranging from deep burble to loud shriek with controlled popping inbetween which allows me to play the National Anthem using the paddle shifts.This is the now quite simply the perfect XKR and the car it should always have been and as a result you have also delivered on the big grin you guaranteed....

... congratulations on your recent Autocar article....

Kind regards,James.


fleet van tuning

BT – 24,000 vans tuned with Viezu BlueOptimize
Viezu – Approved and Partnered with BT Fleet to tune 24,000 vehicles, in 4 months, delivering an estimated £4milion fuel saving per year. 

HGV Tuning economy

“Viezu were very helpful, there was no pressure to buy, and the free offer gave us the chance to test the tuning in our own time on our own vehicles. All our vehicles have now been tuned."


Sunday Times car tuning

The Sunday times agreed that Viezu economy tuning could help motorists reduce their fuel bills.

“The V-Switch made by Viezu connects to the car's engine management system and remaps it so that it can be reset for improved performance or fuel saving, increasing fuel efficiency by up to 15%"

approved car tuning

Quentin Wilson says if you want to increase your MPG by up to 20%, then you should fit a Viezu Tuning V-Box.
“It takes less that 45 minutes to fit, and it will give you improved throttle response and more power, with prices from £299”

Viezu car tuning

Viezu Tuning, tested and recommended by Redline magazine

"On the road the BMW immediately felt more responsive with much more mid-range power. Where we would normally change down to overtake, we found we could simply leave it in gear: it was impressive stuff. After driving it over 1000 miles since the remap it's faster, more fun and also more efficient, returning over 49MPG. Very impressive” Steve Grigg Redline Magazine BMW320" 

BMW tuning Viezu

“Viezu have mapped 2 of our magazine's feature cars, firstly a 328i and secondly a 520i. On each occasion the work has been first rate, we even use them for technical support issues when readers of the magazine write in with questions, as the technical backup is first rate."

Paul Wager
Editor of Total BMW Magazine.

Land Rover tuning

There are lots of companies that will sell you a one-size-fits-all chip off the shelf, but they assured me I would get a tune to get the best out of my engine, I found I could actually talk to them and that they obviously knew what they were talking about.

Rob Dubsky – Quoted in Land Rover Enthusiast

car tuning and ecu rmapping viezu

The increased torque levels makes the car much livelier all round, over 2000rpm and all the way to 5000 it really pulls, and sounds really good too.

Will Holman – PPC BMW 525 

Van tuning

The van suffered from low down power when loaded, I was really impressed by the way you tailored the map to our needs, and with the speed of the service, we would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone looking for improvements to their cars and vans.

Thank you for tuning my Focus, I am truly suprised at the results. Whist I expected an improvement, the increase in power is easily identifiable, there has been a noticeable significant increase in both the power and the torque.

In addition to the improvement in performance there has been a staggering reduction in fuel consumption, I drive many miles each year and have been averaging 43/44 MPG, since your tuning this has increased to 51/52 MPG, an increase of nearly 20%

Mike Rudge - Ford Focus 

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