VIEZU Approved Dealer Support My Expectations Exceeded

29 June 2020 - I tuned my first car today and... Just thought I would drop you a line, I did my 1st paying customer today Audi A3 150 BHP up to 225 BHP +70NM.  Result: The customer’s face said it all!  He was totally delighted. I am so grateful I met you that day 2 years ago you have done so much for me and this opportunity really looks promising...

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Good Lord- does it sound awesome! | F-Type SVR Performance Upgrades

Gerry's F-Type had our F-Type SVR performance package, including 200 cell sport cats, upper pulley, high flow performance air filters and signature performance tune. Just had a little test drive in my F-Type, it’s raining here though so could not really test the power but good lord- does it sound awesome! I am very very impressed with the performance...

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Jaguar XFR – A Jet without Wings

Their product knowledge and engineering skills are untouchable! It was worth the 300 mile drive from Newcastle. VIEZU completely transformed my car. It is now a total beast, you can't help but grin when you're driving it! What an absolute weapon my car is now! Unreal, totally changed. It's like a jet plane with no wings. Cant thank you guys and girls...

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Feel the Difference – BMW Tuning

What a great bunch of people! And they are not only helpful but the results are awsome, and they REALLY know their stuff! Had our BMW remapped recently, the car drives so much better, the performance was increased by almost 90 Bhp. The most important thing is the way the car drives, and it's like a different car! The service is fantastic, and...

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I Look for an Excuse to Drive, it Brings a BIG Smile to my Face!!

Take a Step Closer to the Storm Take your Range Rover to “absolutely awesome” with our exhilarating performance upgrades, like this recent customer: I currently have the brand-new SVR 2019 but I was extremely disappointed in the exhaust tone as the previous model sounded absolutely awesome! So, what I decided to do is go for a full remap, change...

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