WinOLS 501-Pack20 Software

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About WinOLS OLS501 Package 20

WinOLS is especially designed to alter the memory contents of ECUs. The application facilitates the searching and finding of maps, therefore allowing maps to be viewed and changed. You will find that all data and maps are kept in the project files. This is where all information is secured in the course of processing of a given controller. You will also be able to alter other pieces of information such as customer name, car number & image files. 

Upto 200 versions of one original files can be modified. These modified files are shown in a list which can then be filtered and sorted based on prefered.

WinOLS 501-Pack20 Software Taking the standard WinOLS 501 software, this package includes 20 checksum credits that can be redeemed against a number of options, from specific checksums for specific ECU variants or even the damos/a2l import function.

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