Jaguar XKR Remote Smart Key Roof Top Controller- Automatic roof opening and more

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Designed for Jaguar XKR Are you ready to go but you are having to wait for the car, with this Remote Smart Key roof control get your Jaguar one step ahead and put the roof up or down as you approach or leave the car. Features of this product include - • Remote control of convertible top • One-Touch power convertible top • Individually programmable • Passive / Invisible mode • Separate window control • Top convenience mode • Invert switch logic • Windows close automatically • Reversible plug-in installation • Plug-n-Play Wiring harness • USB Port for easy setup / updates

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Hot new car toy: get some new techno gizmos in your convertible! (rag-top or soft-top to the rest of you)

Check out this new smart key that does more than remotely open and close your convertible. This Smart Key Roof Top Control for your convertible allows you to transform the standard factory fitted key fob into a smart device to open and close the roof of your vehicle as you are walking up to or away from the car.

Key Benefits:

1.       On the hot summer's day, don’t get into your sweltering car and sit there until you have manually pushed and held the button to drop your roof; instead use this smart key fob to do the opening as you approach – simply hop in and drive off (it won’t release the handbrake so don’t spoil it if there are onlookers!)

2.       Similarly, don’t be the one that should run out to the car, now the rain has come. Sit back, relax and use the key fob to close this for you automatically – there are range limits.

This new module not only allows you to open and close the roof automatically, but has many other useful and exciting features for your vehicle.

Other really cool features:

Remote control of convertible top One-Touch power convertible top Individually programmable Separate window control Reversible plug-in installation Chirp-signal function Top convenience mode | USB Port for easy updates

            Title                   -                   Description

  • All door unlocking (Comf.Acc.) - Touch sequence on driver's door handle opens all doors
  • Auto raise AirCap - Automatically raise the AirCap after opening the roof
  • Automatic door locks - Allows the car to lock and unlock whist driving
  • Automatic door unlocking - Unlock the door automatically when ignition is turned off
  • Auto-Mute - Turn the sound down on the radio automatically when car is started
  • Chirp-signal function - Horn can sound briefly if desired when locking and/or unlocking the car
  • Close trunk from remote - Open and close the motorised trunk from the remote
  • Comfort Blinkers - Tap the blinker stalk briefly to trigger the blinker three times
  • Comfort rear window - One-Touch operation when closing the rear window via the driver's door switch
  • Comfort window close - Simultaneously close all the windows with one touch on the 'all windows' button
  • Comfort window open/close - Opening and closing the windows via a double tap on the top switch
  • Comfort Window Operation - Rear window operation with no need to flip rocker switch, simply by holding front window button down
  • Comfort Wipers - After using the sprayer, activates the wipers 1x or 2x after short delay
  • Dead locks* - Doors cannot be opened from inside *Keyless access required
  • ECO Disable - Automatically disable ECO mode when starting the car
  • Folding Mirrors - Fold mirrors in and out remotely on models equipped with motorised mirrors
  • Full Rear Window control - Raise rear window with top down
  • Full text setup in car display - Configure the module to your preference via the full text setup menu
  • Hazard Signals - Hazard lights when roof is operated using the remote
  • Home Light - Remotely active the headlights for 30 seconds
  • Individually programmable - Configure the module to your preference via the signature blinker setup menu
  • Invert switch logic - Direction of centre console top switch can be changed is desired
  • Keyless Go Top control* - Open and close the top by touching the door handle 3 times *Keyless entry required
  • Keyless top control* - One-touch top operation via keyless door handle *Keyless entry required
  • Lock Running Car* - Lock and unlock the running car by remote *Keyless entry required
  • Mirror Park Assist - Automatically dips passenger mirror when reversing
  • One-Touch power convertible top - "One-Touch" convertible top operation allows your top to open or close automatically
  • Open/Close the top while driving - Open or close the top whilst driving at speeds up to 25mph / 40kph
  • Passive / Invisible mode - Turn off the whole module with ease, best for when someone else is using the vehicle
  • Passive / Invisible mode - Turn off the whole module with ease, best for when someone else is using the vehicle
  • Permanent solution - All functionality stays in place even after manufacturer DVD/Navi software updates at the dealer
  • Plug-n-Play Wiring harness - Custom designed plug-in-between wiring harness for extremely simple and quick installation included
  • Range Extender - Increases the remote range, allowing you to operate the top from the same distance as the door locks
  • Rear Window up/down - Select if rear windows raise along with front ones or stay down
  • Red LED Alarm Simulator - Module can simulate missing factory alarm (if desired) by blinking red LED in rear-view mirror when car is locked
  • Remote control of convertible top - Open and close the roof using the original factory-made key / key fob
  • Remote roof control - Open and close the sunroof by remote
  • Remote window control - One-Touch open and close the windows and the sunroof separately by remote
  • Reversible installation - Remove module completely to allow vehicle to go back to factory settings
  • Reversible plug-Installation - Remove module completely to allow vehicle to go back to factory settings
  • Seat Memory One-Touch - One-Touch operation for the seat memory buttons
  • Separate Sunroof control - Open and close the sunroof separately by remote without activating the top
  • Separate window control - Open and close the windows remotely without activating the roof
  • Signature Blinker Setup - Configure the module to your preference via the signature blinker setup menu
  • Top convenience mode - Turning the ignition on or off will not interrupt the roof going up or down
  • Top Remote Control - Full automatic one-touch top operation from the original key fob
  • Top Remote Control / Hazards - Open/Close your convertible top using the original key fob. Hazards on during operation if desired
  • Trunk button delay - Prevent accidental opening of the trunk when you carry the key in your pocket or purse
  • Trunk Comfort Access - One-Touch Comfort Trunk Access for the top
  • TV/DVD Playback while driving - Lifts the manufacturer imposed limit to only play back TV/DVD while stopped
  • Unlock all doors* - Touch sequence on driver's door handle opens all doors *Keyless entry required
  • USB Port for easy setup / updates - Smart Key can be configured and updated on any Mac or PC
  • USB Port for easy updates - Smart Key can be configured and updated on any Mac or PC
  • Uses steering wheel buttons - DVD video in motion can quickly be enabled or disabled using button sequences on the steering wheel
  • Wind deflector automatic (Cabrio) - Raise the wind deflector with one touch
  • Window convenience close - All windows can be closed with one touch convenience
  • Window Delay - Allowing you to close the windows up to 60 seconds after ignition is turned off
  • Window positions programmable - Raise the front windows or all windows after opening the roof
  • Windows close automatically - After closing the top, all windows roll up automatically

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