Armytrix Exhaust for Audi S3 (8V) Sportback 2.0L Turbo Ceramic Coated High-flow performance de-catted down pipe and Secondary down pipe with cat simulator

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+ 18.3HP Power Increase | + 20.4NM Torque Increase |- 4.1KG Weight Decrease

Get more out of your Audi S3 (8V) Sportback Exhaust System. Turn your attention to a new breed of system from ARMYTRIX. 

ARMYTRIX for the Audi S3 (8V) Sportback is exceptional, improving performance all-round from the power and torque, to a lighter exhaust system, enabling a nice sporty burble to emanate from the engine and it improves throttle response.

ARMYTRIX is tried and tested by Viezu Technologies and we can highly recommend this product.

It simply changes the game in the aftermarket exhaust system field. With the throttle pedal sensor and engine RPM signal auto functions, drivers can move away without losing backpressure via a strategy of automatically closing the valves. And remember, when your car is being driven at speed, you will find the valves open involuntarily to boost the horse power and torque.

What’s more? This ARMYTRIX Exhaust system for the Audi S3 can be pre-set should you want the valves to open and close by the engine’s revs per minute or by how far down the accelerator pedal is pushed – this is a sweet slice of innovation you’ve just got to have it!

Improve performance and responsiveness with an Armytrix system is suitable for Audi A3 model year 2013 - present. This package includes: Ceramic Coated High-flow performance de-catted down pipe (AWVSR-DDC1) and Secondary down pipe with cat simulator (AWVSR-DD2) 
Why de-cat your exhaust system?

Removing a vehicles catalytic converter enables a much increased exhaust flow, increasing performance and boosting power, especially on acceleration and midrange pull. Sound difference - the exhaust tone is deepened adding a great addictive burble and crackle to your exhaust tone; combined with a Viezu remap and it truly pops!

CAUTIONERY NOTE: This product is listed for off-road use and motorsport only; Viezu is an international product and service provider. It is therefore essential you verify your local legislation before removing a vehicles catalytic converter.

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​“Creating Higher Standards” – ARMYTRIX UK

This is the philosophy that underpins ARMYTRIX UK products; arming vehicles with superior exhaust systems and challenging all you ever knew about automotive performance.  

With German and Japanese engineering influences ARMYTRIX UK is simply revolutionary within the aftermarket sector – high end performance exhaust systems leading the way; that is why Viezu Technologies Ltd is proud to offer these exceptional systems to its Customers.

Tried and Quality Tested by Viezu, ARMYTRIX UK is highly recommended.

ARMYTRIX UK exhaust systems focus on combining its goals for delivering an exceptional driving experience through innovation to achieve the greatest power output combined with a deeper burble and more responsive throttle.

ARMYTRIX UK is not merely an exhaust system it ensures each driving experience is an occasion.

Finance options available (Terms and Conditions apply) - just contact the Viezu Customer Support Team on or call 01789774444

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