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WinOLS 501 Software WinOLS software is the most advanced and in depth OEM ECU tuning software program available to the aftermarket tuner. The program stands head and shoulders above anything else on the market and opens up developer level functions that only calibration engineers would normally be able to use. No more waiting on third party drivers and setting files, no more limitations being put on your tuning files by the tuning software program you are using. Search and add your own maps into the file project in seconds. Create your own map pack for use on other ECUs for the same engine and rapidly increase the amount of vehicles you can tune without the reliance on other software programs. With built in map searching and recognition software allowing the tuner to automatically locate a huge number of the stock maps in the ECU data file within a few short seconds. The ECU data is available in a whole host of formats including 2d, 3d and hexadecimal. Incorporating a 3d preview function that allows for a faster and more efficient method of identifying maps. The WinOLS database is a fantastic piece of simple and efficient programming. The database stores all new files as projects and then allows you to work and develop your tuning file within that project. With up to 200 tune files saveable into the project, you can take one original file and develop every possible tuning scenario file you could ever need and have it all stored in the project under the original file. This makes comparison between ori and mod changes exceptionally quick and efficient and also allows for the tuner to run a very clean and organised file system and database.

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