Range Rover Tuning - Range Rover 5.0 Tuning Package 3

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Range Rover 5.0 Tuning Package Suite Level 3 This is the ultimate package of upgrades from Viezu Technologies. Not only do you get everything from package 2, namely Viezu's bespoke engine control unit (ECU) software upgrade and an upgrade to the supercharger pulley, which when combined releases power and torque you didn't know were available from your Range Rover 5.0, but also a complete cat back exhaust system.   This cat back system is lighter than the standard system, provides more efficient flow and shows a noticeable improvement in throttle response whilst enhancing the sound. As a total package of upgrades, this suite provides everything you could want without having to make significant mechanical modifications, providing a complete transformation to the vehicle's performance, and also providing an audible change to the engine and drive!

Viezu Technical Support Team will contact you to finalise your purchase and provide appropriate download instructions.​ Should you have any queries in the meantime please call 0044(0)1789774444 or email: info@viezu.com

Quality Matters - Viezu Technologies Ltd is an ISO Registered Quality Organisation with the British Standards Institute and is an IMI Approved Training Centre.

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