Dyno Day for Car Clubs - minimum of 10 cars

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Dyno Day for Car Clubs and Groups If you are looking to hold a dyno day for your car club, or group of friends Viezu is the place. There is not much our 3000bhp 4x4 rolling road can’t handle and with a 5 meter ceiling height, size is not a factor either. At Viezu we offer fun, fast lively dyno days, the team at Viezu has huge experience with running large club and dyno days. We offer a slick service with multiple dyno runs on each car with full technical explanation.  Nobody likes waiting round all day to get a run in. Viezu has team of 5 workshop technicians that will run the day for you, we can lay on coffee and bacon rolls on arrival, as well map writing demonstrations too if you are interested in remap software and a look behind the curtains of one of Europe’s largest tuning providers supporting over 500 car tuning operations across 45 countries. If you take a look at the Viezu Facebook you will see the size of our facilities and some of our previous dyno and rolling road days At Viezu our rolling road days are designed to allow car clubs and car lovers to test their cars against either the same cars or different versions to find the most powerful. The winner then has the bragging rights to show how fantastic their car is. Price varies depending on number or cars average price £40inc. Minimum 5 Cars participation. Please contact us now for further information

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