Viezu V-Box for BMW Diesel Tuning - TDI BMW Tuning Box

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BMW Diesel Tuning Box - TDI BMW Tuning Box Viezu offers the best BMW diesel tuning devices on the market, fully programmable diesel tuning boxes and tuning modules that can be set up for your specific BMW Diesel vehicle. 

We can install the remap and tuning software on your BMW diesel tuning box so at your end your tuning box is all plug and play once your receive it – nice and simple.


Diesel engines can easily be tuned to improve fuel consumption and drive fuel efficiency.

The V-Box is multifunctional and delivers for improvement in fuel economy, torque and power. It reduces the need to accelerate hard as a smoother throttle response is detected by the driver.  Fuel consumption is reduced and this product can pay for itself within 6-9 months depending on your average annual mileage.

The device is easily fitted to your diesel vehicle and can be removed any time you wish. V-Box is transferrable to other vehicles (please note if moving the V-Box device to another vehicle a new connector cable may be required)  This handy device sits snuggly under the vehicle bonnet in a waterproof jacket.

V-BOX offers its tuning application to a wide range of diesel vehicles. It is programmable and can be used to significantly improve your vehicle's driving characteristics. 

Nearly all diesel engines can be tuned with a Viezu V-Box diesel tuning box, they are quick and easy to fit and come with instructions. V-BOX is supported by a UK based Technical Support and Customer Sales & Service Team

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