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Audi A3 Tuning and Remapping from Viezu Viezu are one the most renowned tuning providers in the world, we don’t make that comment lightly or our tuning lightly, we offer the very best in Audi A3 tuning and remapping, why do we say this? At Viezu all our Audi A3 tuning is developed in house, we test all our Audi A3 tuning, remapping and research and development on our rolling road to ensure absolute satisfaction, our Audi A3 tuning is emission tested, and our processes are ISO certified, and fully insured, no other tuner offering Audi A3 tuning has this level of commitment and support. Our Audi A3 tuning and ECU remapping is custom tailored to you the driver, your car, your requirements and any modifications you may have.  Viezu have over 400 dealers around the world, to book your Audi A3 tuning and ECU remapping – you may buy now here on line – or mail us at

Viezu Select Parts Fitting or ShippingViezu Select service means you can chose to have your vehicle parts shipped to you or your chosen location; simply enter the delivery address you require when you process your order.  

Fitting - alternatively you can trust Viezu to fit your items for you in our fully equipped Workshop in Warwickshire. Please note parts installation attract additional fees for labour. Please contact our Support Team on or select simply MAKE AN APPOINTMENT for installation; please note electronic bookings attract a £10 booking fee which is off-set against labor fees and fully deducted from any invoice balance once fitting is complete.

Software and Software Upgrades Only - Engine Remaps, Tunes and Software Upgrades can be installed by your nearest Approved Viezu Dealer at no additional cost. The Viezu Customer Support Team will contact you to arrange an appointment as part of processing your order.  Alternatively, you can secure your booking by selecting MAKE AN APPOINTMENT for installation, please note electronic bookings attract a small refundable £10 booking fee which is fully refunded once the remap is installed.

Quality Matters - Viezu is an ISO 9001 Registered Organisation with the British Standards Institute and Winners of The Queens Award for Enterprise.

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