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Independent Fuel Economy Testing and Product testing at Independent fuel economy testing and product testing at Viezu Technologies. Viezu lead the way when it comes to fuel economy tuning and fuel saving fleet and eco remapping services. As part of our continuous product development we are very used to testing the fuel economy and emissions on a huge range of vehicles. We also offer access and the use of our fuel economy measuring equipment and fuel economy testing services to others wanting to check or compare their a vehicles fuel economy, or test fuel economy for impact or improvement before and after any product fitment or adjustments are made.  

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Unlike many fuel economy testing services and independent testing services in the market, Viezu can offer a huge range to testing criteria to choose from, be it the standard UK MOT test to a range of fuel economy testing and fuel use monitoring services, be it static on the dyno under predefined load conditions, or a range of real on road fuel economy testing services, ranging from short start stop urban routes, to fast long distance routes, and durations testing. Other very specific fuel economy measure and testing factors can be built in to our testing, including vehicle weight, driver style, even tyre pressures and modifications, our fuel economy testing services can be run back to back, comparing different factors, vehicle set up or adjustments. You can see more on our emission testing here

So we can test a vehicles exact fuel economy live whilst driving across a number of different test routes and fuel economy testing criteria specified. When combined with other test that we offer the dynamic on road fuel economy testing services can give a true and very deep view of a vehicles fuel use across a range of use and situation. Viezu also offer a further range of test and measuring services, including power, torque and performance testing, ¼ mile testing, 0-60 vehicle testing, gearbox shift speed testing, as well as a full range of emission testing and exhaust gas testing. If you are looking for an independent fuel economy testing service, including on road real life fuel economy and fuel use testing we can help, you can contact us here: or mail us now at