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Viezu Research and Development

Viezu Head Office and Technical Research Centre

In the virtual world of flash websites, and library images, do you really know who a company is or what they do these days?

At Viezu our doors are open - we are very serious about our vehicle tuning, ECU remapping and software recalibration. To ensure we offer only the very best services and software, we have invested heavily in our Research and Development Facilities, and of course our awesome team behind the scenes. 

Viezu car remapping

Viezu International Head office and Research Centre – Warwickshire

In 2015 Viezu moved to a new, much larger premises in Warwickshire after outgrowing the previous place. There was also a drastic lack of height in the dyno room restricting many of the larger vehicles we worked on as they could not gain access. 

Viezu car tuning workshop

Viezu Technologies operates the finest vehicle testing and workshop facilities

Viezu operates vehicle test and measurement facilities, which are available for hire and utilisation by other motor industry professionals.  Together with the rolling road, emission testing devices, fuel monitoring, and metering devices we are able to support a variety of projects.

Please call our Technical Team and ask about our test and measurement services.

Only the finest research universities and professional vehicle testing bodies offer these types of facilities and we use them every day to develop our tuning and ECU remap software.

No other tuning company that we know of is equipped to Viezu's standard. And with a ceiling height of over 6 meters, we can now cater for HGVs, tractors, and the very largest motorhomes too. 

All of Viezu's car tuning and commercial vehicle tuning products are developed, researched and refined in-house.  

All our projects are conducted to Prince II standards and like no other tuning provider we are ISO 9001:2015 registered with regular independent audits.

car tuning emissions

Vehicle emission testing at Viezu

Emission testing

State-of-the-art vehicle emission testing facilities, including:

  • Brand new 2016 Euro 6 Ministry of Transport approved testing systems
  • Brand new 2016 static/dyno Nox testing
  • 7 gas vehicle emission testing, including Nox, Sox and carbon vehicle emissions

Viezu is the only tuning provider to carry out emission testing of this nature. If you are considering having your car tuned, you need to consider:

How will the tuning affect your vehicle's emissions? Will it be legal? Will it pass the annual emission test? Will it harm the planet?

bmw remapping viezu

Viezu 3000bhp Rolling Road and Development Facility

3000bhp Rolling Road Dynamometer

Viezu operates a state-of-the-art Mustang four-wheel drive, eddy braked, linked rolling road, capable of testing up to 3000bhp, quarter mile, drive cycle, 0-60mph, 0-100mph, and max speed testing, complete with smog and emission testing capability.

All our tuning and ECU remapping is developed and tested on our rolling road. Everything is measured, tested and researched in controlled conditions so nothing is left to chance and the results are absolutely known and quantified.

Though initially designed and specified for our own use, the testing and measuring facilities at Viezu are so good, it has become a service we offer in its own right. Testing includes:

  • Standard static MOT Euro 6 emission test
  • Max power BHP/torque dynamic testing
  • Dynamic ¼ mile speed testing
  • Dynamic emission 7km mixed “urban” drive cycle testing – 7 gas
  • Dynamic emission 22km mixed “urban” drive cycle testing – 7 gas
  • Dynamic duration testing – set load/set speeds
  • In life road fuel meter testing – 8 mile urban testing
  • In life road fuel meter testing – 20 mile urban testing
  • In life road fuel meter testing – 8 mile start–stop multi drop simulation
  • In life 7 gas emission testing – 8 mile urban testing
  • In life 7 gas emission testing – 20 mile urban testing

Please enquire about Viezu tuning services if these are of interest to you. Tuning providers who don't operate testing facilities, a rolling road or carry out emission testing have to be questioned on how they can offer tuning services of a professional standard and meet the demands of an environmentally conscious world.

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