Autotuner Secure Gateway Bypass Cable

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The Autotuner Secure Gateway Bypass Cable is required to establish communication during identification/read/write operations on Renault, Dacia, Nissan & Mitsubishi vehicles equipped with a secure gateway.

Related ECUs:

  • Continental EMS3140
  • Continental EMS3141
  • Continental EMS3160
  • Continental EMS3161
  • Continental SID321

This is just the Secure Gateway Bypass Cable, and does not include Autotuner hardware, click here to find the right Autotuner tool here!

Why is this cable essential?

The concerned ECUs are mostly equipped with a “secure gateway” that prevents writing via the OBD-II diagnostic socket. In this case, it is necessary to use the ATPG050 cable to write to the ECU.

What is a “secure gateway”?

It is an authentication system set up by the manufacturer to interact with the vehicle through the OBD-II diagnostic socket.

How to know if a vehicle is equipped with a “secure gateway”?

Once the OBD cable is plugged in, during identification, the AutoTuner software immediately indicates if the vehicle is equipped with a “secure gateway”.

Should I use the ATPG050 cable for the data logging function as well?

Data logging as well as fault deletion (DTC) can be performed via the OBDII diagnostic socket using the usual OBD cable (ATOBD001).

Additional information

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