Jaguar XJ (2009 to present) Tuning and Engine Remapping

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Jaguar XJ Tuning and Remapping Model Year 2009 – to date

Viezu Jaguar XJ Tuning and Engine Remapping Services for Vehicle Model Years 2009 – Present day.

Jaguar XJ vehicles are our specialist topic when it comes to tuning and ECU remapping, conversions and restoration. We have a high degree of experience with these VIP Jaguar vehicles and can tune your vehicle to your bespoke requirements.

VIEZU tuning is bespoke and custom. Tuning is available for the full range of modern Jaguars. Including the XJ and XJR, both petrol and diesel engines. Normally aspirated and supercharged. For Jaguar XJR tuning, both the 4.2 and the later 5.0 litre engines can be tuned.

Because of the very custom nature of the tuning provided. VIEZU can adjust the software and remap to take account of your specific requirements. Pretty much unlike most other tuning provider in the market. Using the VIEZU rolling road, the team can check the current performance of your engine. As well as the performance of any modifications and upgrades you have fitted.  The use of the rolling road is crucial to confirm how your vehicle is running and adjust the software for MAXIMUM gains and improvements.

Tuning can target and adjust for upgrades, and modifications. Such as, supercharger pulley upgrades, air induction, coolers, and intercoolers. Exhaust systems and catalytic convertors. Other functions can be added or removed to at the same time too. Such as exhaust burbles, popping, EGR, delete and DTC deletion and removal.

VIEZU also supply a variety of performance-enhancing services for these vehicles – simply contact us to discuss your bespoke needs.

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*Pops and Bangs are for offroad use only

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