Jaguar XJ (2003-2009) Tuning & Remapping

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Jaguar XJ (2003-2009) Tuning & Remapping

VIP Tuning Services from Viezu:  Viezu Jaguar XJ Engine Remapping Services for Vehicle Model Years 2003 to 2009. VIEZU specialise in Jaguar vehicle tuning and the Jaguar XJ is no exception when it comes to tuning, conversions and restoration.

With a wide variety of tuning services available for these vehicles and we are competent in their aftermarket care and service with these VIP vehicles.  If you have a bespoke performance enhancing requirement for your car, please contact us to discuss your project.

Jaguar XJ Engine Remapping Services for Vehicle Model Years 2003 to 2009 available with specialist Jaguar XJ tuning performance enhancements.

Unlike most off the shelf tuners, the VIEZU tuning service is bespoke and custom to you and your car. Tuning and remapping is available for all Jaguars vehicles.  Both petrol and diesel Jaguar XJ and XJR’s can be tuned. As well as the turbo, normally aspirated and supercharged engines. And for the petrol engines both the 4.2 and the later 5.0 litre engine variants are suitable for tuning.

Why is VIEZU tuning different.

VIEZU tuning is custom written live to your car, so we can adjust the software and remap to take account of your specific requirements. While most other providers will give you a standard modified off the shelf tune. VIEZU will provide a specialist adjusted and custom tune.

And by using the VIEZU rolling road, the VIEZU team can check the real current performance of your Jaguar XJ. The team can also check the performance of any current modifications you have. As such the use of the rolling road is crucial for developing teh tuning, and confirming how your XJ is running. So the software is set up for MAXIMUM gains and improvements.

VIEZU also supply a variety of performance enhancing services for these vehicles – simply contact us to discuss your bespoke needs.

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