Alientech Kess3 Master Bike OBD Protocols

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Alientech Kess3 Master Bike OBD Protocols KESS3MA002

Alientech Kess3 Master Bike OBD Protocols. This Kess3 activation package is for motorbikes, ATV and UTV vehicles. Thus, it is specifically for tuning motorbikes, ATV and UTV vehicles through the OBD port. Please be aware for most motorbikes, ATV and UTV vehicles you will require some additional cables.

The Alientech Kess3 tuning tool can activate the master bike OBD protocols as a single group. Or, the Kess 3 activation protocols can also be added to other single or multiple protocol groups. And hence giving the user even greater vehicle tuning coverage.

OBD master Kess 3 activation package. As you are almost certainly aware. Tuners that would like to use tuning and remapping files from a variety of file providers will need to choose a Kess3 master tuning tool and protocols. As opposed to the slave tool. As the sale tool does limit you to using just one file provider. You can also create your own tuning files with the master tuning tool too.

Service support for remapping and tuning

Please don’t hesitate to contact VIEZU if you have any questions about master and slave protocols. If you need assistance configuring your Alientech Kess 3, please contact our technical support team. Those who have not already purchased the Alientech Kess3 hardware can do so here.  Buy Alientech Kess3 

If you are also interested in the Alientech ECM software, you will find this here with a significant discount over the normal last price: 

If you would like to learn more about Alientech’s ECM training software. You may be interested to know VIEZU offers in-class training. There are also online training courses. VIEZU’s Technical Training Academy offers remapping and tuning courses. On this website, you’ll also find Diesel and Gasoline engine tuning training courses

Who is VIEZU

You may like to know that VIEZU is the largest provider of Alientech tuning systems and training courses.  Therefore, the service is open to all customers, both trade and retail. As well as offering great service, we also believe our trade prices are unbeatable. The rage of Alientech tuning tools, software, and accessories are available ready to go. And in addition, all hardware sales come with free installation, set up and support. Training is available in house at our dedicated training facilities. And online too.

Training and support is available 7 days a week. International and tax-free sales are available. With worldwide delivery.

Alientech Part Number KESS3MA002




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