Land Rover Defender Restoration


Land Rover Restoration and Refurbishment Custom and Unique

Looking for a trusted Company to help you with your Defender Restoration Project? Try VIEZU TECHNOLOGIES LTD. 

VIEZU’s Process for achieving your end goal is easy to engage with; the Tech. Team are essentially Defender nerds and have a wide range of restoration and custom projects under their belt.

Land Rover Defender 90 and 110 restorations and refurbishments

VIEZU’s Defender Restoration Team consists of Jaguar Land Rover Technicians, Specialist Land Rover Defender Body Fabricators (they can tell you a thing or two about rust proofing!) Custom Land Rover Defender Upholsterers, Land Rover Defender Interior Restorers, Land Rover Defender Electricians as well as a very Tech. savvy Team of Geeks eager to bring your Land Rover Defender bang up to date with the latest in car infotainment, GPS trackers with anti-theft devices, reverse cameras, parking sensors and so much more.

VIEZU's Defender Restoration Team is very experienced and highly acclaimed – as a Client you get to fire out all your requirements and the Team quickly grab all your must have restoration requirements and pull them together into a project plan with costings for you.

Land Rover defender 110 VIP restoration

  Before                                               After

To see more of this restoration please click the picture above to see the build project video   

VIEZU’s Defender Restoration Team you can work out where you want to splash out and where you want to spend a bit more and get that high-end finish as part of your Project's overall finished value. Land Rover Defender values are significantly increased with the application of the vehicles heritage pack and not to mention the shipping guidance offered by the Team for International Clients.

VIEZU’s Defender Restoration Team offer full Land Rover Defender Heritage Restoration. Each model is treated to an accurate and sympathetic restoration and upgrade/replacement items are carefully integrated. Not only maintaining, but growing the value of your Land Rover Defender Restoration Project.

Land Rover Defender Restoration Process

Each vehicle and owner is of course unique, so VIEZU treat each project in the same way, it often starts with a vision, a dream, or plan of how the owner would like their Land Rover Defender to look, this is then developed and transformed into a bespoke project plan – everything is open to discussion, we like a challenge! 

 Land Rover defender VIP vehicle restoration custom and unique refurbishments

Due to the custom and bespoke nature of Viezu’s Land Rover Defender Restoration Programme the owner can have their cake and eat it; paint work colour, interior trim, seats, wheels, suspension, engine, brakes, transmission, body work can all be custom specified and built – your Defender, the way YOU want it – not the one on someone else’s option list!  

As a Client you are assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will send you weekly updates and images of the works to date. As you near the completion date, you are given the opportunity to carry out a test drive and “shack-down” to grab anything for the snagging list. It’s a very immersive and interactive experience, you literally become part of the Team and can be as involved as you like.

Yes, that really is the same white 110 after a 6 month restoration project                    

The Nuts and Bolts of Land Rover Defender Styling

Full nut and bolt restoration is a critical factor for perfect body alignment.  If your vehicle condition dictates a deeper level of work – this is the most value growing way to go, VIEZU can undertake a full “nut and bolt” restoration, full strip down, with chassis removal, repaired and/or replaced.  Each vehicle component is assessed, cleaned and refurbished or replaced prior to rebuild or refit. 

 Land rover defender VIP restoration chassis repair and custom fabrication

As a Client you are assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will spend you weekly updates and images of the works to date.

For Custom Projects and required specification. All work is done in-house to specified times and agreed budgets.

Land Rover Defender Upgrades   

If your Defender is a little newer, or in good general condition, VIEZU offer a huge range of upgrades to bring your Land Rover Defender bang up-to-date and make it feel like a new vehicle, in fact better than new, the list of upgrades is as long as you can imagine, and priced so not to break the bank.  

Popular items include: clean and wax oil of the chassis and underside, electric window fitting, soundproofing, upgraded seats and upholstery, fitting or changing seat lay out or style, carpeting, suspension upgrades and lift kits, panoramic windows, LED light kits, grille kits, side steps, puma style dashboard, and bonnets etc. These upgrades are all available as separate items, or can be combined to deliver a more overall appealing facelift appearance.  

Land rover defender concours engine bay engine upgrades and restoration

Before                                                    After

To see more of this restoration please click the picture above to see the build project video        

Land Rover Defender Sourcing and Supply

If you don’t already have a Land Rover Defender, or other vehicles you would like to own, upgrade or restore, VIEZU offer a sourcing service, both RHD and LHD Defenders can be sourced in a range of conditions, from fully finished and clean condition, to unrestored barn finds.

VIEZU have experienced buyers on the team with an established networks across Europe, meaning we can source a range of LDH Defenders ready for restoration or shipping to the USA or elsewhere.

Worldwide shipping of parts and services as well as complete vehicles arranged and managed on your behalf.

Land rover defender VIP vehicle restorations and custom unique refurbishments before and after defender front

Before                                                                After

Land Rover Defender VIP vehicle restoration finished build project

If you have any questions at all, the team will be happy to offer a consultation around your requirements, for international customers we can arrange a Skype meeting and tour of the facilities.

Land Rover defender VIP vehicle restoration warehouse picture

Watch Viezu TV to find out more about the full build process:

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