The Importance of Car Tune-Up

The Importance of Car Tune-Up

Your car needs more than a regular oil change to keep it in good condition. Whether you’re driving a 2021 Ford Ranger or a Volkswagen Golf, it has to undergo routine tune-up for the following reasons:

Improves Road Safety

Safety is the most important reason for getting a car tune-up. For example, if you’re driving through rough or steep terrain, worn-out treads will make it difficult for your tires to grip correctly. A standard tune-up specialist can check the tread depth, inflation, and wear pattern to ensure that your car is road-worthy. The inspector will also examine the brake pads, rotors, and other safety functionalities of your car.

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At VIEZU, you’re not obligated to hire us for any work. We only urge you to allow us to understand your car’s current condition. Then, after our careful assessment, we will determine what more can you to improve the car’s safety and performance.

Avoid Costly Repairs Down the road.

A car tune-up usually involves a thorough inspection, which allows you to find minor problems before they turn into costly repairs.

“Standard tune-ups include the replacement of filters, wires, and plugs. Neglecting to replace these minor components can cause a series of events that can harm the entire engine. So, it’s better to spend a couple of bucks for standard tune-ups now than wait for the damage to go beyond repair.”, explains Wheaton Madden, automobile analyst at Novalease.

Avoid Inconveniences

There are lots of things that can cause your car to break down on the road. Thankfully, you can minimise the chances by hiring a certified technician for a regular tune-up.
A qualified shop will check your batteries, transmission fluid levels, air filters, belts, hoses, pumps, etc. and suggest a repair or replacement when necessary.

Extend the Lifespan of your car

Your car may not be the fanciest one in the neighbourhood, but it’s still an investment. It takes you to work, your kids to school, your friends to the beach—in any season.
Make the most of this investment by getting regular tune-ups. Professional care will protect your engine and maintain fuel performance. In addition, the cost of a standard tune-up is just a fraction of the repairs it can prevent.

When the components of your car are in good condition, they are not pressured too much to perform well. Check out how VIEZU improved the shift speed of a BMW by 70%

Performance Enhancement

Inspections and preventive maintenance are crucial in maintaining your car’s performance level. The VIEZU workshop accepts all tuning needs for numerous car brands and models. From ECU remapping and exhaust fitting to intercooler upgrades and general service work, we guarantee that your car will leave the workshop better than you left it.

At VIEZU, you can access superior car tuning and performance upgrades. Our ECU remapping software has been developed within our technical facilities. Since our tuning is fully custom written by our technical engineers, you can be sure that the tuning will suit your car’s specific needs.

If you want to enhance your car’s performance, complete the enquiry form below, and we will contact you to discuss your needs further.