Pop and Bang tuning and remaps are now switchable

Pop and Bang tuning and remaps are now switchable!

Pop and Bang tuning and remaps are now switchable from VIEZU. You have heard the one about having your cake and eating it. Well now you can do the same with your car tuning and remapping.

pop and bang tuning

You can see the dilemma straight away. You want to go to car shows and meetings, make a little noise and have some fun with exhaust pops, bangs and burbles.

But your car is your everyday driver too, and you really don’t want to be popping and banging along on the weekly food shop or school run. And you really do like your neighbours, but they don’t like your car at 2am in the morning when you are sneaking back in after a late-night drive.

It should also be considered pop and bang remaps are not good for your engine in the long run. Unburned fuel can damage your oil quality, leading to engine issues. And aggressive pops can reduce the life span of turbos, catalytic converters and more if used all the time.  You can learn more on how and why popping remaps can damage your engine here:  https://viezu.com/blog/will-pop-and-bang-tuning-damage-my-engine/

exhaust burble tuning

Switchable Tuning

What you really need is obvious. A pop and bang tuning and remap that can be turned on when you want, and turned off when you don’t. Protecting your engine and keeping your neighbours and fellow car users on speaking terms.

VIEZU has just the answer. The VIEZU V-switch now has pop and bang tuning and stealth mode set up.  You can load up to 5 different tuning settings, and each one can be paired with a Popping remap or exhaust burble tune.

So for example you can upload your choice of performance tuning files. Either “Excite Me” for fast road tuning and performance. Or “Thrill Me” for ultra-fast track day tuning. And have the same option but with popping and banging activated too. Giving you the choice of original stock setting, performance tune, or performance tune with popping and banging.  All options on one device, so you can tune, retune, and reset to stock any time you want and as often as you want.

The V-Switch is a mail order hand-held tuning device, International worldwide shipping and tax-free sales are available

You can see more on the V-Switch unit here on the VIEZU.com website  https://viezu.com/v-switch/

*Pops & Bangs are for offroad use only.