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Tune your car how you want,

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V-Switch is the answer to your tuning needs!

Need to save on the cost of fuel? Need more torque for towing? Need more Bhp for a track day event? V-SWITCH DRIVE delivers all this with its unique enhanced diversity from just one device, buy 1 tune or buy up to 5 tunes to suit your needs.

More Than A Shape Shifter – Helpful Diagnostics

Combined with the fact it’s a basic diagnostic tool you can identify trouble codes and be ahead of the curve in finding faults.

There are many more settings available from V-Switch DRIVE too; Viezu Technologies Ltd is the ultimate automotive tuning specialist and bespoke tuning services are available for the hardcore motoring enthusiast who may have more aggressive mechanical modifications; Viezu can assist with upgrading software to match performance.

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Wow is an understatement this time…..the EXCITEME tune on my 2015 BMW X5M is INCREDIBLE! It is a fast car to start with…..0-60 in about 3.8 seconds. Not bad for a 5,200 lb. SUV. But this tune has changed the personality of the car. The exhaust note is deeper, more of a growl and then when you put your foot to the floor it just screams and flies! Pulls like a train. In addition to an amazing tune, the customer service, turn-around time, support and communication is exemplary. I am totally impressed.

Expert V-Switcher!

5 Stars
Jaguar F-Type Exhaust Upgrade and Performance Tuning WEB
Simon invested in a V-Switch DRIVE for his Jaguar F-Type V8 AWD. Simon’s V-Switch DRIVE contained 2 of 5 possible settings (excluding the original CLASSICME) to effortlessly switch between – EXCITME, PARKME and CLASSICME DRIVE SETTINGS. Simon now has the best of all the power, and the peace of mind his car is safe in the hands of others.

Simon emailed us to say of EXCITEME!

“WOW!!! Just WOW!!! It even spins the back wheels on take-off…and it is an AWD. Incredible. So many thanks for walking me through this…..Really impressed…going to tell everyone!!”

5 Stars

V-Switch Drive is a hand-held Tuning Device and Diagnostic Tool

V-Switch Drive – Unlock Your Car’s Potential In More Ways Than One!

V-Switch DRIVE is a hand-held, Do-It-Yourself Tuning Device that is paired to your car and your car only.

This powerful device provides a gateway, allowing you to change your vehicle’s performance in just 15 minutes! With up to 5 different DRIVE SETTINGS to choose from. It’s a revolutionary concept in vehicle tuning and ECU Remapping; since you can control how many times your vehicle software is upgraded, and, you do this yourself! Amazing – you decide which DRIVE SETTING to select, and anytime you want…


V-Switch Drive

How To Use V-Switch Drive

Optimise Every Journey - Your Car, Your Choice

It doesn’t matter if your car is new or older.  High or low mileage. Once you reach for V-SWITCH DRIVE you can change its performance by upgrading to higher power output or improved fuel efficiency in a matter of minutes. V-SWITCH DRIVE creates journey specific adaptable driving like no other.  Each DRIVE SETTING delivers a very different motoring experience.

Watch this video to learn how to use the V-Switch Drive!

V-Switch FAQ

What are drive settings?

A drive setting is a tune for your car, each DRIVE SETTING offering you a huge range of new characteristics for your car, from improved fuel economy, or valet parking settings, to remarkable smoothness during acceleration and gear change, or performance improvements for track days.  Or even modes to take improve your car’s drivability, no more jerky thrusting stop/starting as you edge through traffic and combined with a more responsive accelerator pedal, improving traction and overall drivability.

Which drive settings to select from?

This is a very powerful device and it provides a gateway through which you can change your vehicle’s performance in just 15 minutes, anywhere! With up to six different DRIVE SETTINGS to choose from (including the factory original).

How long does it take to change drive settings?

It takes approximately 15 minutes to change between DRIVE SETTINGS.

Are there are many more settings available for V-Switch DRIVE?

Viezu Technologies Ltd is the ultimate automotive tuning specialist and bespoke tuning services are available for the hardcore motoring enthusiast who may have more aggressive mechanical modifications; Viezu can assist with upgrading software to match performance.


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