TAROX F2000 High Performance Front Brake Discs for Jaguar XF

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TAROX Front Brake Discs for Jaguar XF – F2000 High Performance Brakes

TAROX Front Brake Discs for Jaguar XF. Upgrade the stopping power of your Jaguar XF with this pair of high-performance front brake discs from TAROX. TAROX performance brake discs are designed to meet original equipment specifications using TUV-approved castings, heat-treated for strength and hand-finished to ensure the flattest braking surfaces.

Originally designed for racing, the F2000 disc was developed for road use as well. Sport saloons and hot hatchbacks today are powerhouses, and track days have become increasingly popular, which means discs that are able to handle high temperatures and grueling conditions are in high demand.

With over 18 years of experience in touring cars, the F2000 has developed a reputation for being the most durable aftermarket brake disc available. In fact, we’ve seen a number of high-end vehicle manufacturers using F2000 discs.

The F2000 features between 7 and 9 spiral grooves for the ideal balance of cooling and integrity. As with all TAROX discs, the F2000 is has only the best high carbon TUV-approved castings. And features the TAROX heat treatment for strength and durability. With a hand balancing process, a quick bedding-in process. And a final anti-rust treatment to ensure perfect contact and long lifetime of service.

The full range of TAROX brakes are available, including front and rear pads and discs for most Jaguar vehicles.

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