Jaguar Supercharger Crank Pulley

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Jaguar Supercharger Crank Pulley

Jaguar Supercharger Crank Pulley. The Jaguar engine supercharger crankshaft pulley has been specially designed and developed. The design team was a combination Paramount Performance. The UK’s oldest and most established Jaguar tuning company. (Paramount est. 1986). And VIEZU Technologies.  The outcome is a Jaguar Supercharger crank pulley, delivering ultimate reliability, and breathtaking power and performance increases.

The Jaguar supercharger pulley upgrade is available for all Jaguar models running the 5.0 V8 ltr and the 3.0 V6 engine. Including the XF, XKR, XJR, and F-Pace. The larger crank pulley will boost power by up to 65bhp.

Please be aware, there could be two options for the standard crank pulley from the factory. As such, when placing your order, can you please let us know the colour of the crank pulley fitted. It will either be black or silver. This will help us send the correct pulley for your model and engine.

A word on software and ECU Remapping

VIEZU always recommend the lower supercharger crank pulley is not fitted on its own. The pulley upgrade will supply significant additional boost pressure. Therefore, it is essential for ECU remapping and a software upgrade too. (with VIEZU software) so the fuelling of the engine is correct to ensure max performance and reliability.

If you are looking for more BHP and power. This supercharger pulley is just part of the VIP design 650bhp upgrade package.  Which can take your Jaguar to a huge  650bhp.

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