Jaguar Gearbox Tuning 6 speed

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Jaguar Gearbox Tuning – We can now safely and effectively tune the 6 speed automatic ZF gearbox fitted in many Jaguar vehicles.

ZF 6HP26 & 6HP28 are limited to 625NM of torque from factory when fitted in Jaguar XF, Jaguar XK and Jaguar XJ, but is able to safely handle more torque than this.

Following a successful research and development program, we are excited to bring to market our brand new Jaguar ZF 6HP gearbox transmission tuning upgrade.

Previously, tuning of the vehicle was limited by the electronic limitation in this very capably ZF 6 speed transmission. Our technical teams newly developed tune means this is no longer the case, we are now able to safely tune up to almost 1,000 NM of torque.

Jaguar gearbox tuning

What’s more, we have customized shifting speeds across the entire range of gears in order to provide shifting speeds up to 30% faster when compared to the factory software. Our tune is compatible with the vehicles various drive modes such as sport and semi manual modes.

Modifications to the clamping pressure of the clutches allows utilisation of higher torque levels being effectively transferred through the transmission to the wheels.

To unlock the full potential of this TCU gearbox upgrade for your transmission, combine it with one our upgrade packages. Our upgrade packages start from an engine remap and progress through to physical mechanical upgrades with or without styling enhancements.

We can perform this tuning service for you at our workshop in Warwickshire, UK, or put you in touch with one of our approved dealers.

To find out more about our vast range of upgrade options for your Jaguar, get in touch with our team on +44 (0) 1789 774444

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